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Conceptual Analysis: Performance Feedback In Light Of Employee Self-esteem

Abstract Job performance feedback is one of the central concepts of Human Resource Management theory. Management theory propounds that performance feedback provided in a rational manner leads to positive change in employee performance. This lifts employee morale leading to increased productivity and efficiency of employees...

The Role of Uncertainty Reduction Theory in Online Dating

This study tries to analyze how the Uncertainty Reduction Theory plays a role in the world of online dating. Specifically between the behaviors, self-disclosure, and privacy concerns of the online dating partakers. The three researchers, Jennifer L. Gibbs, Nicole B. Ellison, and Chih-Hui Lai, focused...

Anxiety and Uncertainty Management Theory

Anxiety/ Uncertainty Management theory, was created by William B. Gudykunst to define how humans communicate successfully based on their anxiety and uncertainty in social situations. William B. Gudykunst believed that in order to have successful intercultural communication a reduction in anxiety/ uncertainty must occur. In...

Uncertainty Reduction Theory in Relationships and Communication

Uncertainty reduction theory (URT) was initially presented as a series of axioms - universal true statements which do not need to be proved, and theorems – propositions considered to be true but needed explanation, which describe the codependency between uncertainty and different communication factors. A...

The Expression of Uncertainty Reduction and Social Learning Theories in the TV Show The Blacklist

Investigation is the action of investigating something or someone; formal or systematic examination or research. Criminal investigation is an applied science that includes the investigation of concrete evidence that are to advise criminal preliminaries. A total criminal investigation can incorporate interrogations, searching, cross examinations, evidence...

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