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Gender Identification with Voice Detector Technology

A voice detector is a device invented or created to detect the sounds that are made when people speak or sing. Computer scientists have been searching ways to enable computer to record, interpret and understand human speech since 1960’s. This has been a dauting task...

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Speech and Voice Recognition

Speech and voice recognition had traveled a long road before they reached where they are today. People have long considered the possibility of communication between man and robot. Although previous inventions were important in speech recognition, the first machine capable of synthesizing Bell Labs created...

Amplyfing the Children's Voice and Social Position

Starkey (2003) presented the notion of voice as a way of enabling children to be aware of theirs's choices, to apply choices and to have chances to voice dissatisfaction (Bell 2011). In this essay, I will explore how children's voices began to be heard by...

Biography And Career Of Sam Riegel – An American Voice Actor

Sam Riegel is one of those entertainers with a captivating voice. He's an American voice actor, writer, and director and won't be forgotten for his numerous works in anime, and cartoons. He equally lends his voice to video game series. One of his exceptional works...

Free Speech: An Importance Of Having A Voice

Freedom of speech is very important. People need freedom of speech to peacefully protest what they think is wrong. If we had restrictions on speech we wouldn't be able to challenge the government even if we think something they are saying is wrong. For example,...

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