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Safe Charity Practices and the Foundation of Charity

Charity has continuously been a main foundation for numerous of the indigent people to continue in all cultures. Great amount of universe population hinge on aid and the cumulative increase rate is making it poorest for more to be reliant on in upcoming future. These...

Raising Awareness of Contribution to Charities

Charity is a great way to raise awareness as well as provide for those in need while– at the same time– giving a person the wondrous feeling of helping out. The best place for charitable events to occur is at school. Schools offer a young...

EU Compatability in Cross Border Philanthropy

In an age of connectivity, instant news whether fake or fact, cross boarder philanthropy and social investment is becoming ever more mainstream. This at a time of heightened scrutiny of anti money laundering practices and spotlight on charitable activity. Lines are becoming increasingly blurred as...

Selfishly Generous: The Sham of Philanthropy 

With rolling green hills and rivers, Davos looks like the Von Trapp family’s paradise. Just a tiny village nestled in a Swiss valley, Davos is home to the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting. Each year, the worlds’ elite business, social, and political leaders – including...

The Future of Fundraising and Philanthropy

Abstract In this paper, seven specific questions regarding the future of fundraising will be answered and discussed through outside research. Questions that will be discussed and answered include, Who will replace the Greatest Generation as the most generous benefactors? What ethical challenges will fundraisers face...

Li Ka-Shing and the Dark Side of Charity Donations

Many rich people in today’s society are committed to living the best life, but they are also known for having charitable foundations to give back from their successes. From this, there are many ethical and moral principles displayed. I do believe in giving to people...

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