The Student-Targeted Charity Organisations and Programs to Help Students

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Students have responsibilities with their studies but it is also important for them to build their legacy for the future. While participating in any type of event, negotiation or activity students can be inspired to become much more hardworking and determined. With this in mind, the student representative council has hosted a football match at the Dubai Al Ahil club to help raise funds for charities that help support children’s education and health care. Although not all students would have the ability to play the game they can take part as spectators that can still help the charity or possibly taking part in volunteer work. Students participating in these events, mostly university students can help boost their work experience but it comes with the risk of students losing track of their studies, as a result, they would have an increase in stress levels. According to NYU study “Nearly half (49%) of all students reported feeling a great deal of stress on a daily basis and 31 % reported feeling somewhat stressed” (New York University 2015) to explain students find it difficult to manage their time with both work and studies that causes tension overall this would prevent them for involving in any kind of volunteering activity. Since majority of the volunteering opportunities are held in universities even though students will have the advantage of getting the experience but however they would be doing their work free of charge and because of this the number of students getting involved with work decreases additionally some university students however find it best if they were to do theses activities after they have graduated in their programs, although this may allow the student to have much more free time on their hands but this can cause great opportunities to pass by them. It was even shown in Khaleej times stating that “only 27 percent of Dubai community are aware of volunteering opportunities have existed Khaleej times“ (Khaleej times 2017) therefore students that participate in volunteering events that are most suited for their course will find it much easier to cope with their future tasks.

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There are even situations where high school students or even university students when needed they would even consider taking a gap year before continuing their studies. Usually they would think it would be best for them with getting extra time off to focus on other tasks, It could be possible that they could take part in part-time jobs or focus on their academics but however this could affect their future career in the future where they can be questioned during interviews, there can be some cases where the job firms would start doubting into new possible employees additionally students can gain experience needed for their and study at the same, a student named Hadeel who has studied from Kings School Al Barsha has commented “ (Khaleej times 2019) For other students, I would advise that they gain work and traveling experience while in school. They should try many different things and search for their passion” she said. Likewise, if students took a gap year there can be times where they would feel unmotivated and lazy which can only make it more difficult for them to go back into their studies.

Dubai has had envisioned for students to avoid on focusing on examinations and focus on real-life challenges in the year 2020, according to Khaleej times “The latest figures from Dubai show that volunteering rates in the emirate stand at just 3.6 percent. But new policy is set to raise that figure to 20 percent by 2020 - and students are being urged to step forward to fulfill this vision” (Khaleej times 2017). This will help increase the number of students being more active and motivated during their working hours.


As a matter of fact Mohammad bin Rashid al Maktoum humanitarian and charity in Dubai that was introduced in 2007 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid al Maktoum, Vice President and prime minister of the UAE has built this project to help young children with their education by giving them access to a digital library filled with thousands of Arabic books similarly future projects were later created, such as the laptop distribution project that was made in 2003 where university students in the UAE who are not able to afford a laptop was donated by the charity to help support them with their education. From the year 2003 to 2012 over 3500 laptops were given to university students with a total cost of 14 million AED (Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Education). In this light of this project students who participate in this activity can help with one’s CV and help other students who struggle in terms of finance.

For health-wise programs, treatments and operations for individuals in the UAE for a range of diseases such as cardiac, optical or even nerves for young children and adults have their cost covered for them and providing necessary medication and in addition the charity has also taken the liberty of providing supporting equipments like wheelchairs or prosectics for the special needs moreover the establishment of this health program has not only paid for expensive Pharmaceutical aid in various hospitals such as saqr hospital in ras al Khaimah and al baraha hospital, they were provided with cars for the special needs, hearing aid, medical shoes, etc, another project was later built which was cooperated with Dubai health authority named “ Nabadat” where children were treated from congenital heart defects by surgery. Dubai health authority has collaborated up with Kafrelsheikh university hospital where 100 free cost surgeries were made to children between the age of 3-14 years old suffering from cardiac disease, there were even cases where the “nabadat” was performed in India, Addis Ababa, Mauritania, Egypt, and Tajikistan. In the case of this football event, students can possibly ask the student representative council for specific timing for volunteer work, that way students can also manage their time for work and studies though even some students find it difficult to take part in volunteering work and perform well in their studies and because of this some university students think it would be best if they were to take part in these exercises when they

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