Volunteering In Cardiology Wards, Southmead Hospital.

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Volunteering at the cardiology wards, I observed a coronary artery bypass graft with and without a cardiopulmonary bypass machine. Shadowing a consultant evoked me to pursue a career in medicine. Communication skills were crucial when working effectivity with a team during the surgery. Encountering the social challenges within surgeries urged me to read ‘Complication’ by Awtul Gawande. This taught me that the survival rates after heart surgery is directly related to the number of procedures the surgeon has performed. From this I realised how medicine is not only about skill but continuous practice and resilience.

As a research student at Southmead Hospital, I participated in the collection of BMIs of patients and observed a sleeve gastrectomy and a gastric bypass, to study the role of bariatric surgery on obesity in diabetic foot population. I communicated effectively with a podiatric nurse when contacting various GPs to collect a few missing BMIs. As a result, we were able to try and identify a correlation between the BMI of patients and whether they had diabetic foot. S so that in the near future, bariatric surgery can be looked at as a possible option to prevent the disease from occurring instead of the procedure being a last resort. From seeing the research aspect in a hospital, I was able to understand how the theory applies to real life situations. This experience allowed me to realise the importance research has in a hospital and reinforced my ambition in studying medicine at university.

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My interest in medicine was cemented by undertaking Physics. Working out various motion equations enabled me to further develop my analytical and problem solving skills. To improve these skills further, I was driven to attend a problem solving lecture at Bath University. We were put into groups and tasked on solving a mathematical problem. I communicated effectively with the other students to ensure we were able to reach a final answer. As a result of our clear communication we were able to solve the problem. I look forward to implement these skills at university.

Producing aspirin in a Chemistry practical lesson helped me understand the use of different active pharmacist, I encountered patients who took methadone. This highlighted the importance of having an empathetic, warm and approachable nature as a medical professional. I came into regular contact with a broad spectrum of people with varying complex needs. This consolidated my belief in studying medicine as not only an enriching vocation but one that also is compassionate.

Attending medical lectures on neurology and pharmacology at the University of Bristol gave me an insight into what studying medicine at degree level might entail. I particularly enjoyed finding out about the way different drugs interact inside the human body and the trials involved for different drugs to come into circulation. This prompted me to research different trials by reading ‘Bad Pharma’ by Ben Goldacre. It allowed me to understand the exaggerated benefits some drugs have as they are sometimes compared to a useless drug. Such as paroxetine presumed to be a better antidepressant than amitriptyline. I hope to study pharmaceuticals more in depth at university. Comment by Rhian Isaac: What do you think?

Outside of my lessons, I enjoy playing football and am currently working as a part time sales advisor in a jewellery shop. Working in retail as well as balancing my A-levels, enabled me to develop my time management skills. This will permit me to cope with the demanding and challenging tasks of being a medical student. Comment by Rhian Isaac: You could possibly cut this bit down and add a bit more detail above to techniques/reading

I understand medicine is challenging but with the work experience that I have undertaken I believe I am well equipped with the essential tools to become and excel within the medical field. Studying medicine is highly rewarding; a stimulating vocation where I am constantly learning is attractive to me. I have the crucial determination and enthusiasm to succeed as a medical student. After all, studying medicine will not only allow me to help people but also to pursue an honourable vocation.

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