The Life Skills And Coping Mechanism Of High School Students

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This chapter deals with the related literature and studies taken from various standard sources that tuckles about the life skills of the students and how they will use it as a coping mechanism when faced to challenges. It will help us to understand the theories that underpin the phenomenon being focused. This will also help us to clarify the result of our study to validate and add to the proof of knowledge of the chosen topic.

Review of Related Literature

Life skills is additionally refered to as psychosocial capabilities that area unit the talents for adaptational and approving behaviour that allows human to deal effective with the stress and challenges of standard life. As a matter of fact, it provides the students with particular ability to grow successfully within the classroom and within the world beyond. Furthermore, life skills assist us in achieving our goals and live our life with our full capabilities. By learning new skills, we tend to enhance our knowledge about the world around us. In addition, it prepares ourselves with the tools we must have to live a productive and fulfilling life, finding ways to subsume the inevitable challenges.

Based on Vranda and Rao (2011) life skills training enhanced psychosocial competencies which means that life skills can make the mind skills of each individual improve. Same with Roodbari, Sandipoor, and Ghale (2013) they stated in their research that life skill training has fine impact and improves social development, emotion and social adjustment, suggesting an make bigger in compatibility of kids and public health. On the other hand, the study of Puspakumarag (2013) showed that life skill training was used to be fantastic in preventing massive of troubles such as substance abuse, teenage pregnancies, bullying and it promote self-confidence and shallowness amongst the adolescents.

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Based on Child Study Journal (2010), life skills aid us to attain tools that are genuinely needed for the purpose of becoming aware or even responding to distinctive life situations and in achieving our personal goals. Meanwhile, developing life skills is also define as the process which contribute to child’s development. It is further associated with knowledge, value, attitudes and behavior that ought to be learned for the success in the society. Participation has something to do for children’s social development and academic success such as participation in quality programs using colaborative learning as well as constant interaction with competent adults. Furthermore, life skills allow us to accomodate and master the life situations that embodied us as a person. To mention, such situations present at home, school, work and any ambient which is ascertain ourselves. Enhancing life skills helps the students to attain their goal, strengthens the competencies to meet the wants and demands of existing society and be successful in life.

Coping mechanisms are the strategies or ways that people usually use in facing challenges and stress. In the same way, Richard Lazarus and Susan Folkman an american psychologists defined coping as the combination of cognitive and behavioural efforts. The goal of coping is to manage specific demand that can create problems to individual. In like manner, this is the specific action that people do to find solutions and apply or use it to deal with the challenges that they are facing.

Kauffman (2010),Van dorp and Monteros (2010) are one of the researchers who highlightened that challenges or streesful event will always be there. What students need to do is to find method in which they can cope and manage. It is vital that the person who have been influenced by individual’s ability will efficiently adapt a kind of situation where they faced some challenges but they may be differ in dealing with it (Segal 2013). Based on Abbasnia Hashemian and Baba Khari (2012) relationship between coping patterns with mental health and social adjustment of high school students have been examined. The result of the study denoted that the social adjustment can be used as mediator in the relationship between coping styles and mental health in students. According to Li Wang (2015), coping style plays a significant role in terms of stressful life events. Moreover, effective psychological need of satisfaction has to do in relation of the said event as based on the stress-coping theory.

According to Shinde and Hiremath (2014), in the process of growing, a person tend to undergo stress especially at their school. This stress may either be good or bad depending on how they cope. In addition, stress is associated with the school training such as having lots of paper works,inappropriate workloads or homeworks,examinations and inappropriate treatment by teacher further adds to this stressful situation. On the other hand,coping up with stress is the most relevant way to identify what are the things which causes us to feel immoderate stress.

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