A Movie Night In School

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We have many great things at Duluth High School. We have a wide variety of sports, and clubs to get involved in. We have vending machines and the school store, where you can buy chips, and drinks. We also have a large number of wonderful students, who deserves something for their outstanding behaviors, and amazing grades. Having a movie night is a great way to reward them.

On the last Friday of every month, we should have a movie night. On this day, during school, every student, who are allowed to go, gets a ticket saying they, and 1 of their parents/guardian can come that night to get popcorn and a drink each, and watch the movie at no expense. If they lose the ticket, they can still come, and give their student number to the desk receptionist, who checks if they are allowed to enter for free. If a student shows up, who isn’t allowed, they have to leave, or pay to enter, and will have to buy the popcorn and drinks. This will allow for things to be fair. We can use the 2,000 dollars to have a movie night each month, to reward well-behaved students with good grades, and encourage other students do well, so they can go too. Movies cost around 25 dollars to buy, and for the 8 months we have left for school, that is 200 dollars just going into buying the movie, leaving us with 1,800 dollars. For the popcorn, buying a popcorn machine will help very much. If we do not already have a popcorn machine, you can buy a good one for 155 dollars at Home Depot. This leaves you with 1,645 dollars to spend on food, and drinks. For food, it is of course, Popcorn. You can buy a 2 12.5 pound bag of popcorn kernels at Walmart for 100 dollars. That is 800 dollars going into popcorn kernels for the 8 months we do movie night, and giving us 645 dollars left to spend. You can buy popcorn bags at Sams Club for 68 dollars, getting yourself 4,000 1 ounce bags, and 577 dollars left. The rest of the money can be spent on drinks, meaning Coke Cola, Pepsi, and Sprite. It can also be spent on Having movie nights will encourage students to do better in school, so they can go to movie night for no cost. This will be a way to reward the students who do well. There have been studies shown how this helps, like one from Harvard University and Edlabs. Their book on education talks about how rewards motivate students. Having movie night can also raise extra money to help fund other things for school. These things can be more snacks for the vending machine, or new things in the school store. Extra money can bring new technology for students. The money can help in many ways.

Duluth High School should have a movie night at the end have every month to reward well-behaved students with good grades. This will encourage students to do better, and also raise money for other things. I wished it could be done during school, but I don’t know if a time can be arranged every month for it. Spending the 2,000 dollars on movie nights is a great idea.

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