Welcoming Is Based On Ethics

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Students with basic words namely power. Students are no longer small children who are always spoiled and always depend on each other. We as students have learned to be responsible in everything from the little things we have understood what responsibility is. Not only is the responsibility of students also must be disciplined. Discipline is very important not only a student but all who must be able to understand what is discipline. Students can also be called people who take tertiary education at a university, students have the ability to study at university. Students also act to develop and invite the whole community to change even better. Students are also able to motivate and have a logical mind for a problem. The role of students is very important for the next young generation.

Therefore we as students must be able to prosper the community. Not only that, where we as students are able to find solutions first where we have problems that we face. To welcome many new students we have to prepare, before we have to master the campus insights earlier or how we know the systems or ways of learning on campus earlier. More importantly, we must be truly experienced in everything to give these insights to new students. In addition, we as students know how to be ethical, polite and responsible here we learn to work hard and of course be independent. We need to be polite and polite in the environment such as the school, family and community. Welcoming new students can be familiar with new students and their seniors. Likewise, senior seniors must be friendly to new students. We often know about getting students together it is very important for harmony on campus.

So, where are we familiar with each other, the atmosphere on campus will be harmonious. From the word “never work alone” we can mean that solidarity is important whatever we have to be compact and that it can also familiarize students one and other students. From there we learn how to familiarize students who are on the campus. The class sister was asked by the school to help guide her younger class. Starting from one classmate responsible for one classmate, up to one senior classmate help the teacher face one class student. From there we can invite students to solidarity with each other for various things, problems and conditions on campus. We also have to make our younger a siblings comfortable in carrying out activities that are a guided by the older siblings. Don’t let the younger siblings hate the older siblings for misunderstanding in these activities. Where we have to teach how to be polite to younger siblings to develop their manners. Welcoming well means we must respect each other between students one and with other students. Not only is mutual respect very important in campus life where we must respect the younger a siblings and lecturers on campus. We must respect opinions expressed in all matters relating to the organization.

We can also welcome new students by smiling greetings and greetings where we have to be friendly with older siblings and younger siblings around campus. Friendly and good attitude with others must be responded well. Avoiding ignorance between fellow students can reduce the sense of solidarity between students on this beloved campus. Not only that, we have to introduce how to be human, who is responsible, surely the older siblings already know how, because they already knew that we were slammed as new students.

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We as new students also have to be guided with more than we like how the system and rules that we must know on campus as rules of manners, clothes and so on. The older siblings also have to introduce new students to various campus activities. We must also be open to what we feel and what we need. We also have to be kind to older brothers who guide us first before lecturers. Whatever is done if we are good we must also respond with a kind and friendly attitude. Not only that, we must be able to be familiar with our older siblings, we must first resect them and vice versa. We are here equally weighing science only in our past and our past.

For example, from the orientation period of campus life there we learn many things that we do not know. Welcoming us like that is not why because from there we learn to be responsible people, dispilin whether it’s time and place discipline from where we learn everything, from us given many tasks from which we can manage our time well, much we get in those days, we can find out what campus life is and how we are accustomed to the tasks that we will run during college. And also we must obey the rules.

The point is to learn how to learn and learn how to teach students and how to learn independently and also not depend on others because we are sure, we can certainly set the time and place discipline. Discipline is the most important word in this life because discipline can change one’s destiny where he has to transform himself into a better one, where we must learn discipline at an early age, welcoming students must also cultivate discipline that must be planted from an early age. Because that’s where the basis of good qualities arises in each of you.

The conclusion is that welcoming new students can be based on good ethical attitudes, for example discipline, responsibility, and honesty. The most a important thing in familiarizing each other with welcoming does not mean that that is too bad for our future good. Anything that is based on ethics or courtesy will all be fine. Likewise welcoming new students based on such things. It is also very influential in welcoming it like that in order to look better. And we must explore what ethics and manners are so that we can master them all. That is why we must explore manners and ethics in speaking, doing and acting in any activity on campus and will be harmonious.

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