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The Differences Between The Introvert And Extrovert

Have you ever wondered why some people keep to themselves or how others are super talkative? There are two kinds of people in the world. They are either introverts or extroverts. These two things can mainly be based on personality level, how your childhood was,...

Leading Men in the Post-Colonial Era Cinema

The essay seeks to analyze the leading men in the acting during the post-colonial era. It analyses the actors’ portrayed roles in the respective films they appeared. Bogart, Cotten, Brando American actors’ added classic touch into movies and screenplays of the post-world war 2 eras....

The Unifying Qualities of the Eucharist

It seems so often nowadays that we as Catholics not only take the Eucharist for granted, but also music and how it unifies us. For us, it’s just something that we do during Mass. We sing hymns and responsorials nonchalantly and as for the Eucharist...

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