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John Maxwell Coetzee's Destabilisation of the Concept of Otherness in His Novel Waiting For The Barbarians

This essay examines how author J.M. Coetzee destabilises the concept of “otherness” in his novel, Waiting for the Barbarians. The examination is done through the lense of Emmmanual Levinas and Martin Heidegger’s philosophical ideas about otherness with particular focus on an extract (pages 60-61) from...

Perverse Effects of the Model Minority Myth for Asian American Academic and Social Position

As “melting-pot” America burgeoned with immigration, Asian American popular culture developed contemporaneously. Popular culture — as John Storey discusses in What is Popular Culture? — is an “empty” term that attempts to amalgamate both commentary and caricature of ideology and culture. Asian American popular culture...

What Are Minorities and Their Rights

Definition of Minorities ‘Minority’ literally means a small amount and a small proportion and idiom means a group of people from a country or city that is distinguished by a majority in terms of religion or race. A minority is a group that is not...

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