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Globalization in the Workplace and Its Effects

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Globalization is a widely discussed topic and resulting to it being not very easy to explain. advances in technology like smartphones, aeroplanes, telephones and internet have made the growth of transport and communication networks very easy. You can easily be at and place and have...

Environmental and Creative Adaptability in a Situation of Crisis

First of all, we must understand the meaning of adaptability, and what is adaptability stands for. Adaptability (noun) based on the Cambridge Dictionary, which means the ability or willingness to change(or be changed) to suit different conditions. In the Oxford Dictionary, adaptability also means by...

Adaptability of Adolescences to the Society-Accepted Standards

She coats her face with foundation and makes sure her highlight is heavy. She layers her lashes in mascara, until they scrape her cheekbones. She still puts on her fake lashes though; she likes how they make her eyelashes look much fuller. She nags to...

Breeding as a Tool for Adaptability to Climate Change

Introduction Climate change is the change in the earth’s weather patterns that last for at least a few decades (Wikipedia, 2019). This variation is mainly as a result of “the greenhouse effect“ which leads to a generalized increase in temperatures of the earth (Western Cape...

Cultural Adaptations In My Life

Twelve years of schooling in ten different schools in two countries was vital to shape me as a person I am today. Life has been a fairy tale adventure. Everyone who has heard my story often came up with the same question on how did...

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