Cultural Adaptations In My Life

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Twelve years of schooling in ten different schools in two countries was vital to shape me as a person I am today. Life has been a fairy tale adventure. Everyone who has heard my story often came up with the same question on how did I adapt to different conditions?

Versatility and self-confidence have been growing along with me during my journey. Frequent travel has given me an opportunity to expose myself to the outer world. I didn’t find it very difficult to adapt to schools in India. Moving to America was my greatest challenge and biggest fear. India and America were at two extremes in cultural difference. The hardest challenge was being away from my hometown. It was really hard to move away from my comfort zone and the first few months were very difficult to adapt. One of the most essential character one has to develop to survive in America is being independent. This was something that I lacked especially when you come from a country where family values are appreciated and it is very easy for you to seek help from your family members. I regarded this as a test for my independence. Living an independent life will definitely tell me what I am capable of.

The difficult huddle of my journey was Indian Food. I have had so much Indian food these years that my tongue would not live without it. Finding good Indian restaurants in my city was like finding a grain of salt in a bag of mud. I once had an opportunity to taste Indian food in my city, but it couldn’t emulate my taste bud because it was the American version of the Indian food. Eventually I had to change myself a little bit to adjust to American food. Whenever I see my Indian friends post pictures on social media, it creates a nostalgic moment for me. However I felt it was time to know more about my new country and celebrate their events along with my traditional Indian festivals.

As an Indian growing up in America, I learned how to find cultural values regardless of where I am. Being Bilingual has allowed me to communicate with different types of people and respect their culture. Changing schools has allowed me to make new friends and improve my adaptability. Life has transformed me into a person who is capable of adjusting to new environments and adapting to a different culture.

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