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Key Aspects of the Effects of Ageism and Stereotyping

“Everyone all ages, all genders, all nationalities is old or future old.” Says Ashton Applewhite, the most well-known anti-ageism activist. Does it seem fair that the younger generations make elder’s feel less worthy simply because they are old? How would you feel if your grandparents...

Stereotyping: The Causation Of Limits 

In his short story “Superman and Me,” the author Sherman Alexie suggests that while stereotyping and forcing expectations on people can have positive effects, they are generally very limiting to those affected. The author describes his experience in learning how to read. He taught himself,...

Gender Stereotypes in Aristophanes Play Lysistrata

During the time era of the late 400’s B.C, gender roles and stereotypes were in full force in Greece. These stereotypes can be demonstrated extremely well in Aristophanes’ comedy play Lysistrata. These themes, while less pronounced in our modern era, can still be seen in...

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