Why STEM Education is Necessary in Today's World

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STEM Education is Necessary

STEM degree holds a higher income in fact STEM careers or occupation are increasing at 17% while others are increasing at 9.8%. Based from the U. S. Department of Commerce, Science, technology, engineering and mathematics play a key role in the sustained growth and stability of the U.S. economy, and are a critical component to helping the U.S. secure the the next generation. It also said that STEM education build critical thinker, increase science technology literacy and enables the next generation to become innovators.


STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and HUMSS which stands for Humanities and Social Sciences Based from Professor of History at Harvard, Professor Annette Gordon-Reed expresses the relevance of including both STEM and HUMSS courses in the future courses of study. Same areas are critical to produce a community who are able to joined effectively in our democratic society and become innovative leaders and benefit from the great ideas over can provide.

Comparison of Mathematical Achievement between STEM and ABM Strand

According to Mary Antoinette Bien and her fellow researcher that looking deeper on the statement, it shows that the DepEd assume that STEM student will perform better in the field of mathematics than those student who enrolled in other strand. The usual factors mathematical concept, problem solving and computation.

High Expectation for students

This phenomenon is known as the Pygmalion Effect. Psychologist Robert Rosenthal established the presence of the Pygmalion Effect in education through a now-famous experiment in 1964 at a California elementary school. Rosenthal disguised standard IQ tests as the “Harvard Test of Inflected Acquisition,” a title that he invented, and administered them to classrooms. He then selected students at random and told their teachers they had scores in the top twenty percentile, meaning that they would soon exhibit rapid intellectual growth. At the end of the year, the IQ tests were administered again as a way of measuring whether High Expectation resulted in any academic changes. Particularly in younger students, those who had been marked for a performance increase actually exhibited one.

Our Reactions to Stereotypes

Based from the book The Psychology of Stereotyping written by David J. Schneider that the ability to generalize is a central, primitive, hard-wired cognitive activity. Schneider raise an issue of our evaluation of stereotypes informally, because one of many reasons why we have trouble coming to intellectual grips and with the villains of the social world is that we spent our time and energy condemning rather than to understand. Because people reacted so negatively to stereotypes and ignore some of the important question about their nature and use.

Stereotypes is Good and always Bad

One cannot avoid the conclusion that stereotypes are generalization gone rotten. According to the several commentators Brigham and Gardner have noted that if stereotypes are nothing more than generalizations, the term loses all meaning. Somehow they said that stereotypes is ought to be worse than most generalizations because they come with a slap to the face.

Two Implicit, Assumptions often tagged along on Stereotypes

Based from the research of David J. Schneider that various students from Lippmann onward, noted that Stereotypes are usually based on insufficient information. There are two implicit, assumptions have often tagged along. The first is that somehow people are letting cultures think for them; instead of forming their own generalizations from experience, they are using cultural ready-to-wear- generalizations. The second is that since stereotypes are often used aggressively by prejudiced people. This in turn means that stereotypes were more results of wishes and desires than of “objective” experience.

A Social Cognitive Perspective

According to the book Stereotypes and Stereotyping edited by Neil Macrae, Charles Stangor and Miles Hewstone that many people unfold beliefs about the characteristics of the social groups in their environment, and the knowledge influences their reaction regarding to subsequently encountered individual members of the group. Thus stereotypes (a one type of knowledge about the social word), develop as the individual awareness to their environment. The perceived details about social groups is interpreted, analyzed and encoded in memory. Each of these processes is may subject to biases due to effects of existing knowledge on information processing.

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