Essay Samples on Human Sexuality

The Connection of Physical Appereance to Human Sexuality

Did you know that 3.5% of the United States population, which equals up to about 8 million adults, identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual according to. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, psychologists classified homosexuality as a from of mental illness, and number of…

Feeling of Disgust and Regret After Casual Sex

Introduction Regret and counterfactual thinking have a great impact on several domains of a human’s existence, including emotional well-being, decision making, behavior regulation and mental health. This has made the mentioned topics widely studied across different demographics and cultures over the past decades. Regret refers…

School Sex Education and Its Impact on Students

Sex education is the study of understanding the activity, responsibilities, and health of human sexuality. While learning about this topic there are factors that help enhance or diminish the perspective and knowledge of sex education within adolescence. Factors such as the age, school curriculums, and…

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