Stereotyping Against Women In Modern Society

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Religion is blended with social and cultural norms ad directives in a way at times that distinctive lie between the two vanishes ad certain stereotypes are presented. The main and very important unit is family and its members are the first ones to whom children come across ad here stereotyping rises. A girl is always taught that she is weak and needs male support ad are taught to think that they belong in the kitchen and are dependent on males in every case. A number of other stereotypes are set for women by our society which are always echoing around according to which they are judged like women who drive are considered as bold ad are believed to be the sole reason of traffic jams. People also believe that career-oriented girls can never be good daughter-in-laws, wives and mothers.

Stereotypes related to girl’s marriages are very monotonous i. e. a girl should be married before twenty five years of her age ad after that she will be aged and no one will consider her as a good option, she will be old ad will remain unmarriageable for her whole life. A girl who is soft spoke, mild, compromising, oppressed, who covers her head and serves her in-laws at any cost is a good girl but on the other hand a girl who is career-minded, bold, knows her rights, one who cannot be oppressed is not take under the category of good girl by our society. Divorced woman is always seen as the one at fault. Rape, sexual harassment victims cannot expose themselves because at the end they are always blamed and are conditioned to be the culprit. These all stereotypes types are set for women by our society ad they are always being criticize under the light of these stereotypes due to which they suffer a lot I the name of religion and culture. Ilona Yusuf a Pakistani writer ad a feminist tries to express herself through her poetry. She supports feminism in her poetry I which she supports the idea of identity ad self-expression.

Ad made taboo all truth ad thought In this poem Yusuf highlights some of the rules and regulations brought by Zia against the women ad how he initiated a process of Islamization by discriminating the legislation against women such as the set of Hudood Ordinances ad the Qanun-e-Shahadat order. Women were banned from participating ad from being spectators of sports ad promoted purdah. Media woman also had to cover her head whether she was an actress, anchor or news caster. Zina, a non-martial sexual relation and adultery acts were badly punished. If a woman failed to prove her rape on the accused man the she was being punished under the law of adultery. Strict laws were introduced against women in his era. May Anglophone female poets highlighted the issues related to women in their poetry out of which Yusuf also discussed the Zia.

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