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Analysis Of Foucault's Panopticism Theory: Society Under Surveillance

At the point when I began to peruse content 'Panopticism' by Foucault, he starts by describing how the moves were made against the plague in the seventeenth century; apportioning of the room and deterring houses, steady investigation and registration. A plague adhering a town to...

Biopolitics and Womanhood in the TV Series Orphan Black

The Birth of Biopolitics In his historical studies of European power systems, Foucault distinguishes between three general modes of power: sovereignty, discipline, and biopower. In sovereignty, dominant mainly during the Middle Ages, the power of the king was summarized in his “power of life and...

How Women are Imprisoned to Wear Make-Up in Society, Based on Panopticism Theory

Foucault proposed that the modern society is a panopticism prison that disciplined human body. The power of discipline invisibly control people to obey the rules of the contextual society. Due to the diversity of cultures, people are disciplined into different characteristics based on their gender,...

Gender Standardization and Panopticism Surveillance in Our Society

Abstract The society we live in has dominated our thoughts and thinking process by standardizing us in the name of gender, sex and other traditional rituals followed by generations. The power exercised by the society in the name of gender and the techniques exerted to...

Panopticism and Loss of Individuality in the Novel 1984 and movie Equilibrium

Through the readings of Michel Foucault’s Discipline And Punish, we discover that there are many new strategies that leaders began employing which allowed for more psychological control over the public. Some of these new themes can be observed in various films and texts such as...

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