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The Selected Need for Uniqueness Dimensions

A cellular communication system is essentially designed to bring common voice between two individuals, sending text messaging and executing primary functions, though cell phone had gone through sever transformations, making its functionalities growing fantastically towards time resulted from the altering needs of mobile cell phone...

The Main Characteristics of Generation X and Y in Workforce

Generation X has been observed to be increasingly autonomous, self-spurred and independent in the work place. They are faithful to their calling rather than manager and are more individualistic. They are presumably the original of laborers who are PC educated, most having utilized innovation in...

Generation X and Y: Comparison of Values and Behavior

As the years go by, generations before and after us will and hopefully continue to grow and evolve the world. Some have had beneficial accomplishments while others did not but, what makes up a remarkable generation to always rely back to? Is it determined by...

Generation Y Employees Compared to Other Generations

A generation, or a generational cohort, is as a group born in the same defined period of years that have been exposed to similar societal and historical life events during critical stages of their formative development (Schaie, 1965). Members of a generation learn similar responses...

How to Keep Your Generation Y Employees Engaged 

Ways To Engage Generation Y Employees Who are Generation Y? Why Generation Y is the center of attraction? and why do we need to engage our Generation Y employees? That kind of questions are popping up in your mind right now. There are a lot...

Is There Any Difference Between Generation X & Generation Y?

People inside ages additionally constitute an assorted gathering and accordingly, inclinations related with a specific age are not really valid for every one of its individuals. At long last, intergenerational strife regularly seems to come from mistakes of attribution and discernment as opposed to from...

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