How to Keep Your Generation Y Employees Engaged 

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Ways To Engage Generation Y Employees

Who are Generation Y? Why Generation Y is the center of attraction? and why do we need to engage our Generation Y employees? That kind of questions are popping up in your mind right now. There are a lot of discussions, huge debates and you may even find some really interesting talks about this topic but here I am sharing some insights on Generation Y with the ways to engage them.

People born between 1982 to 2000 are knowns as Generation Y or commonly referred as Gen Y. Have you ever notice that most of us find difficulty to concentrate on a specific thing as we have a lot of distractions engaging us every minute, or I say every single second? Along with that people of this generation are not completely satisfied and get bored easily. Actually they want something new every time which can give them spark to motivate that’s the main reason most of the employees today have high degree of job dissatisfaction which make their attitude and working environment undesirably complex.

Why To Engage?

A critical analysis of the social revolution of the modern world shows that where technology is providing unlimited means of easement and entertainment to Human beings, it’s also the main reason that has created a decrease in social cohesion among humanity. The decrease in social cohesion is becoming a threat to the unity among individuals, community behaviors and global attractions. Same threat can be seen in the workplaces where many factors are playing affective roles in reducing the engagement of employee in working environments. The range of levels can be observed among the employees which visualizes their level of loyalty and commitment in the activities carrying out in the workplace.

Engagement of employees in workplace activities is major challenge for organizations. Motivating employees to deliver good performance and to increase organization competitiveness by engaging the Gen Y employees becomes the main resolution of every business organization now a day.

Professional Solutions

A number of methods and ways has been designed by the experts of Motivational and Human Resource Professionals to decrease the lack of mind and dissatisfaction from employee’s behavior. Professional companies all over the globe are spending lot of resources to design the policies and rules, helping them to make decisions about allocation of resources, human resource management, and techniques to keep engage their employees in productive manner. You can see further about this topic here

As it is a matter of fact that level of constant focus of employees in the activities carrying out in the workplace, play a vital role in determine the future, success of that organization. In that modern era of pure competition, constantly engaging the employees helps to produce a better output than the competitors. Some of the globally accepted strategies are as follow:

Health Coverage Is a Big Concern

The policies superimposed by the HR professionals shall include the provision of health coverage which would not only amuse the employees to get attracted but also has the guaranteed concern and commitment towards the physical and mental health of the employees.

Don’t restrict Internet or social media use. Most of the companies restricts the employees with respect to the number of working hours, use of social media during work and this kind of strict restrictions to keep them focus but it's a matter of fact that an average human being can’t focus more than 20 minutes. Inducing flexibility can help to engage the employees at the workplace as well as to help in growing their productivity.

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Harness Technology For Communication

The setups developed by the HR professionals utilized for the communication should have the provision of usage of modern technology in creating the communication easy among officials, which make the employees to get interested in their work and complete the job clearly.

Give Frequent Feedback

Feedback is actually feed-forward as it helps to focus on weak parts of an individual and suggest a way to utilize the positive aspects of his or her personality to overcome weaknesses which would ultimately increase the loyalty, dedication and their interest towards work.

Specialized Training

Arranging different types of trainings at workplaces is a smart way to attract the employees and keep them engage at the workplace because training helps to build the functional areas of employees vast and make them to grow. One of the reason of employees losing interest in their work can be lack of capability in doing that particular task or job. Hence technical training can boost their abilities and helps to cover their weak areas and motivational and emotional trainings help to boost their productivity and learning skills. There are a lot of new e-learning trends which you can see here:


The workshops encompass a range of activities to enhance the skills of employees, helps to keep engage the employees at the workplace. Though workshops can also be a part of training but it also includes the output by the employees that what they have been taught by these workshop activities and what they have learned which can be the ultimately objective of the workshops.

Motivational Lectures

In many organizations, it has been seen that employees loose hope while carrying out difficult projects in such case motivational lectures helps to increasing the efficiency among employees and create a hope. Motivational lectures help to boost confidence and helps to bring out the number of strengths hidden in the employee’s personality. Giants like PayPal have motivational trainers that specifically focuses on enhancing and approving the motivation and dedication of employees towards work

Incentives and Bonuses

Policies having Bonuses, incentives for the employees showing interest in their working environment can also play a vital role in engaging them at the workplace and can enhance their satisfaction level regarding the job.


The balance in work and enjoyment can be proved as the key principle in boosting up the progress of a workplace and can develop the confidence of employees that their working environment is friendly and not giving them hard time.

As indicated by a Research, 57 percent of individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 play computer games somewhere around three times each week. Think about whether this could be a solid match for your organization or not, and what sort of culture you have.


Employees who get mentoring are multiple times bound to get promoted than the individuals who don't, as indicated by research by Sun Microsystems


The above-stated strategies enable employers to keep themselves engage in the workplace of the employees. Also these strategies made the employers to help in future decisions associated with the workers and to regularize the company or a firm towards success.

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