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Importance of Interreligious Dialogue and Negotiation

Interreligious Dialogue is people from different backgrounds having meaningful and respectful conversations. Regardless of where anyone is from there is a way they can get along irrespective of their religious background. Interreligious dialogue helps people to gain more knowledge about different experiences and perspectives. It...

An Exploration of Alma 35 Scripture

Repentance and Conversion: Principles for All Times In Alma 35, the Zoramites had become incredibly wicked and had just engaged in war with the people of Ammon. The Zoramites drove all the righteous people from their midst and were becoming increasingly more evil. In Alma...

Bad Communication Habits We Have To Get Rid Of

During conversations whether it be formal or otherwise we as a society often display at least one of the habits listed in an article written by Kat Boogaard that clearly states that there are 8 bad communication habits we need to break immediately. After further...

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