Ideology of Political Correctness among Teens

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‘Political Correctness’ stands for an ideal of fairness and avoidance with words or behaviour which will not offend any category of people. Political correctness disrupts conventionalists which demoralise the powerful who have wittingly altered the truth of what Political correctness now means. Behind the expression ‘Political Correctness’ creates positive beliefs, yet the phrase is so regularly encompassed with pessimistic implications. Despite the fact people who contradict the idea of political rightness do have legitimate focuses to help support their view, for instance, fears of oversight and the stress that the right to speak freely is being undermined. In todays society, It is acceptable that Political correctness is a good thing as it leads to genuine transformation.

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In our society, Teens are often using swear words in everyday lives which are viewed as indecent and hostile in nature as a methods of separating themselves from more established ages. Swear words are often meant to come off as offensive but with political correctness it can come off as a compliment, for instance, In todays society being called a “bad b*tch” would be considered a flattering remark. Political correctness removes blatant words with offensive meaning and turns it into everyday non- offensive language. Timothy Jay states in his media article ‘Do Offensive words harm people?’ that “Public swearing research reveals that swearing is a common conversational practice resulting in no obvious harm.” He speaks about the assumption of how words offend people and “the possibility that swearing can be advantageous”. Words can both be offensive and in some cases complimentary. Political correctness allow individuals to have the right to express themselves without any consequences or consideration for who they might offend.

Roy Eccleston speaks on swear words on television and If it really matters. He states that 15% of children up to the age of 17 still watch TV shows even after 9pm where the grown-up shows start playing. Psychologist, Warren Cann suggests that “almost all parents disciplined children for their language. It perhaps was not the words that bothered them but the consequences.” Children are learning to swear at a very young age. Professor David Isaac’s article ‘Swearing’ depicts the act of political correctness at a younger age than anticipated. Swear words often relate to sexual or excretory activity. Swearing additionally has the motivation behind communicating the enthusiastic condition of its speaker. Articulations of dissatisfaction and stress are generally connected with increasing and underlining negative feelings. Hostile ridiculing is a type of emotive harsh language. This political correctness has been beneficial for western society as it has made individuals nicer as they do not get as offended with others words. This creates a balanced society.

“Swearwords are particularly important in terms of personality and culture” as said in the article ’Back to Swear One’. Political correctness would prevent various social groups from being marginalised and it can help influence society's behaviour to become more friendlier with each other. In the event that political correctness was not utilized, people would get outraged effectively. While many people normally attempt to abstain from utilizing language that affronts others, extraordinary instances of politically correct terms will in general devalue the English language and lead to perplexity.

At long last, those contradicted to political correctness contend that telling individuals that it is socially wrong for them to express their emotions and convictions in certain ways won't influence those sentiments and convictions to leave. Sexism, for instance, won't finish by essentially alluding to salesmen and saleswoman as 'salespersons.' Similarly, alluding to the destitute as 'incidentally uprooted' won't make employments or crash neediness. All in all, Is Political correctness a good thing? Yes. It helps the world become a better and more beneficial place. There is a predominant frame of mind of partiality and disdain and obliviousness in this nation, and before political correctness existed, individuals were uncontrolled in their slurs.

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