Teenage Mental Problems: Stress, Anxiety, Adhd

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Why would people in teenage ever think of visiting a psychiatrist? Is it because of a terrible experience he or she had gone through or maybe because they really want to open up and talk, but unfortunately no one is there? As a teenager, I go through a lot of challenges and different situations every day. One of our biggest challenges is trust. Whom shall I trust? Will they stay my friends or will they reveal my secrets to other people at any moment? After thinking thoroughly about this, I decided to dig deep and express how teenagers feel deep inside them. It can all be in four main reasons: Absence of parents, exposure of Social media, school community and Parents mock their children’s feelings and not care about their words . A depressed teenager speaks to a therapist or a close friend or rather than parents or relatives, as they lack trust. They always feel that their parents or family members are their biggest and worst enemies with the outdated mind set. The only fact they ignore is that their parents will always stay by their sides and support no matter what. Lot of reasons lead to these things, such as absence of parents, sometimes their parents as words or make actions hurt their sons or daughters, different types of bullying, exposure of social media and also the harsh competition at school whether through academic level, or the slightest things students buy or wear.

The family’s lack of interest in their children and their absence from home is one main reason for the depression of many teenagers. Parents travel and work hard to provide their children with the best education ever as well as a high standard of living. At a certain point, teenagers really need their parents to speak with them. They need love, support, care and attention from parents. No one can ever take their place or even replace the piece of advice given by parents. This leads to the big gap between parents and teenagers. It is a double sided weapon. Teenagers need their parents and parents as well need their children at a certain moment. It is not about providing food, shelter, and money. The emotional support sometimes is more important than the physical one. ‘For teenagers, parents and families are a source of care and emotional support. Families give teenagers practical, financial and material help. And most teenagers still want to spend time with their families, sharing ideas and having fun. It’s normal for teenagers to be moody or seem uncommunicative, but they still need you. Your child still loves you and wants you to be involved in her life, even though at times her attitude, behavior or body language might seem to say she doesn’t.’ By(Relationships with parents and families: why teenagers need them)

One side effect for the absence of parents is the wide exposure to the social media. It is an open world of good and bad things. Teens are usually exposed to wrong information as well as being hacked by people they don’t even know, also a lot of people make fun of them for example (their look, style of wearing, thin or fat and vale or not) . Sometimes, they behave wrongly, illegally and sometimes resort to prison. ‘Meanwhile, other illicit drug use has held steadily at the lowest levels according to a study published by the national institute on drug abuse.’ By (The Top 10 Social Issues Teens Face in the Digital World)

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One important aspect that we can never ignore is the school community. Some teenagers have no friends and they are usually mocked and made fun of them. In many different countries and schools, bullying led to suicide. One of main reasons, many of the parents are very afraid of giving choices to their children and allowing some freedom. They basically lack trust and do not believe in their kids. This leads to a weak personality and raising followers and not leaders. Unable to confront society and take a decision, they would refuse to let them go out with their friends and not even travel with them. “No, you can’t go out tonight. Causes more than glitch in a teen’s social dairy; it implies that a parent doesn’t trust him to make his own decision. And in teen’s eyes, that is not major unfair; it’s humiliating”. By (Teens and Parents in Conflict) Parents will always scare their children with the idea of getting kidnapped or being lost and never coming back. Most teenagers will ridicule them. All of that leads to lack of self-confidence, their level of education usually declines and they hate going to school. Second reason is they become stressed and panic due to: a lot of quizzes, projects, exams and project. It’s natural that they 24h study for school all of their time is for school only. As a result they stop the game that they were played it to have a time for school. ‘Stress increase at school and him older they get. The number of projects to be done, tests to cope with, and social drama increase not to mention sports and other extracurricular activities’. By (10 Common Problems and Issues Teenagers Face Today)

Last but not least, sometimes their parents say word or make actions that hurt heir sons or daughter feelings without knowing that they hurt them. So they simply don’t trust them because they thought that their parents make fun of them or thinking that their privacy was just joke in their parents’ mind, so their son or daughter decided don’t tell them anything or talk about their privacy. Also if their parents don’t listen them until they end or laughed before they finish what they wanted to say. Sometimes will they were talking their parents promised hem with anything to engorge their son or daughter. For example: the promised them that they will went to have lunch and made shopping together on Friday. So their son or daughter became so happy and prepared themselves to go out on Friday. They went to the one who promised him or her even their mom or dad and say I prepared lets go. Mom / dad sorry my baby but I can’t go out today excuse me! Mom / dad what I was waiting for this day? They answer but I must go with my friends or I want to sleep. That very hut their son or daughter very much they feel that they are the last thing in their parents mind and heart. This also made their son or daughter doesn’t trust them.

Teenagers usually get involved in many problems due to lack of experience and lack of trust. They run to the wrong person for advice and are basic caught in big trouble. When parents discover it, they blame their children at the beginning. They then ask for help from the therapist or psychiatrist, but it is usually too late for advice. It will take teenagers sometime to recover from the experience they had been through and even more time to trust anyone again. Some of these memories stay carved in their minds leaving a scare deep in their hearts. One major thing everyone must believe in, Parents are your biggest and strong support system anyone can wish for. 

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