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Chemistry of Aging: Understanding the Changes in Your Body

When every person is born they will age throughout the years indefinitely. Along with aging comes health issues which can alter the way you live. This is why it is important to take care of your body and live a healthy life in order not...

Current Condition and Future of Gerontology and Nursing in Philippines

Ageing and wellness involve changes including in health, financial and social in the community. Aging adults have to find ways how to cope with all the changes in their lives. Older adults should prepare their selves for retirement plan; seek help to decide how to...

Geriatric Psychiatry Research: Treating Agitation in The Elderly

As the relative increase in the elderly population becomes more pronounced, there is a greater awareness of some of the problems associated with providing adequate care for this population. There is an increased need for understanding the unique needs of providing for the physical, emotional...

Factors That Influence Ageist Attitudes in Health-Care Providers

The ageist view is obtained, when choices made about patient treatment in view of the age alone are plainly ignorant, unidimensional and exploitative, yet exist once a day in the healthcare setting. There may, however, be a hidden part of the ageist choices made. It...

Health Strategies: The Concepts of Healthy Aging

Introduction Healthy aging is a lifelong guide of physical and spiritual wellbeing. It gives hope to older adults to add years to life and can be attained through healthy living. Healthy aging enable the older people to be an active part of society. Purpose of...

The Role of Social Networks in Later Life

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that people who enter the course of later life which refers to age 60 and over, will experience the changes in physiological, psychological and sociological perspectives (World Health Organization, 2011). In a sociological perspective, changing of social network has...

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