Essay Samples on Human Body

Alzheimer Disease Progression and Stages

The brain is a three-pound fascinating organ that is enclosed and protected by the cerebrospinal fluid. The brain is responsible for the coordination of the human’s behavior, thoughts, and emotions. Part of the brain’s information-processing network includes neurons, or cells that transmit signals throughout the…

Why Nervous Breakdown Management Is Important

“A nervous breakdown is a mental health crisis that occurs when a person is no longer able to cope with stress or pressure (Bridges to Recovery, 2019)”. Humans are very emotional beings that tend to lead busy lives. Dealing with family, friends, careers, finances, and…

The History of Alzheimer’s Disease, Its Symptoms and Dangers

Abstract Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive, multifactorial, neurodegenerative disorder manifested by memory and cognitive dysfunction, behavioral disturbance, progressive impairment of activities of daily living. Alzheimer’s disease is associated with the spreading of misfolded protein aggregates in the brain. However reduction in brain volume in Alzheimer…

Reasons Why Humans Are the Only Animal Species That Cry

Humans are the only species to actually tear up when they get emotional. Researchers chose to study this topic because there is not a lot of research on this. Why are humans the only animals who cry? The two theories made by the researchers for…

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