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Zika Virus an Arthropod Virus Disease

Zika is compacted as ZIKV is an arthropod virus that includes flaviviridae. It was initially selected from non-human living body. ZIKV got spread by stinging of mosquitoe. Since half a century ZIKV remain occasional later on it got fame in America. ZIKV clinical researches aren’t...

The Mandatory Implementation Of Vaccines

In the past, a number of diseases caused a significant amount of suffering and death. Polio, measles, tetanus, smallpox, pertussis, mumps and rubella are among the list of diseases that have plagued mankind for generations. Over the last 100 years, advances in medical science have...

Controlling HIV Outbreak in Texas

This virus attacks the body’s immune system. HIV has affected many States worldwide. Texas is one of the states that have been affected by this virus. To understand the impact that HV has on this state, it will be beneficial to know the background of...

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