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Case Analysis Of Hematohidrosis A Lacrimation Sweat Disorder

Hematohidrosis/hemidrosis is a well-known clinical condition, dating back to a report of Leonardo Da Vinci who described a soldier who had bloody lacrimation when he was asked to go to battle. Jesus Christ experienced hematohidrosis while praying in the garden of Gethsemane before his crucifixion...

Analysis Of Body Odor Prevention Methods

Comfort is a feeling that arises when someone feels accepted and happy with the situation and conditions. Holistically, comfort includes four aspects, such as: physical, social, spiritual, and environment (Potter Perry, 2013). The environment is related to conditions and influences from outside to humans, not...

Biology and Functions of Homeostasis and Thermoregulation

Homeostasis means “to stay the same” and describes the physiological consistency of an organism’s body while being exposed to changing external conditions (, 2019). Feedback regulation is important for homeostasis to occur as this feedback regulation allows for an organism to sense external changes, allowing...

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