The Significance of Vaccination for Immunity of Children

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Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder, that causes impaired social interaction, and restrictive and repetitive behavior. Vaccines are important because if a child does not get vaccinated, gets exposed, the child's body may not be strong enough to fight off those germs and the child may end up dying. Before vaccines many children died from diseases the vaccines prevent.

There is some people who believe vaccines cause autism so don't have their children vaccinated and some who don't think you can autism from vaccines. A blog entitled “Beyond the Autism/Vaccine Hypothesis: What parents need to know about Autism Research” it does not say who wrote it but it was found on the Autism Science Foundation site, describes how the number of vaccines children were receiving was raising so was the number of children with autism. They looked at children who were vaccinated and those who weren't and it states that there was no neurological difference between them. Researchers also studied to see the relation of the different vaccines with autism and the results were always the same, that there is no relation to the vaccines and autism.(1)

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They also have recommendations and studies available for parents to read. In this essay, I will argue whether vaccines cause autism, personally I do not believe that vaccines cause autism because so many children get vaccinated and if the vaccines did cause autism, why wouldn't everyone who gets vaccinated get autism, that would make no sense that only certain vaccines would give a select number of children autism. Also if there is no studies to support it, I don't understand why parents still believe that. I believe by not having children vaccinated you put them at risk for potentially life threatening germ causing diseases.

I also found an article called “Vaccines cause Autism: Supporting Evidence” it states that after 1990 reports of autism have skyrocketed 1000%, yet people are still questioning why that is. This article is talking about the supporting of vaccines causing autism. There is a study that found a preservative found in vaccines called thimerosal , which is half mercury. THe study shows that children who were vaccinated with the vaccines containing thimerosal were twice as likely to get autism than those who did not. Mercury has been removed from vaccines due to growing safety worries, although it is still present in other vaccines that children may get. It also states that every year there is more and more children with learning disabilities. They state the government is to blame, because of the drug thimerosal is found in vaccines.They state the more vaccines kids get the more learning disabilities, and illnesses the children will develop.(1)

This article is from “More Natural Cures Revealed: Previously Censored Brand Name Products that Cure Disease” written by Kevin Trudeau.

I don't agree with this article because it doesn't have any supporting evidence and the person who wrote this contradicted themselves, because he says that there is mercury in the vaccines, then states that mercury was taken out of the vaccines the 1930s, but its still in some. That makes no sense and how is it only going to be in some and not others, and states it is the government's fault, so to me it sounds like maybe he is trying to say that maybe the government is trying to kill off children, or wants the children to have learning disabilities. That statement also seems unlikely to me because when children have learning disabilities they receive help and I don't think the government wants to spend money trying to help people, that's just my opinion but I highly doubt that is the reason. Also they stated there was a study done, but didn't state where that study took place or what the study was called also there wasn't any other articles, or study links available for it, like the other article stating that there is no supporting evidence stating that vaccines cause autism.

In conclusion since there is no actually evidence to prove that autism is caused by vaccines, I stick by my opinion that children need to be vaccinated in order to protect from potentially disease causing bacteria/germs. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if someone does not want to vaccinate their children ultimately it is their choice but since there is no proof of the vaccines being the reason why they get autism or learning disabilities, they shouldn't really blame anyone.

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