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Biology and Functions of Homeostasis and Thermoregulation

Homeostasis means “to stay the same” and describes the physiological consistency of an organism’s body while being exposed to changing external conditions (, 2019). Feedback regulation is important for homeostasis to occur as this feedback regulation allows for an organism to sense external changes, allowing...

Role Homeostasis in Understanding the Human Body

Homeostasis is the tendency for the body to maintain a relatively constant internal environment, which is crucial to sustain life as both humans and many other organisms operate on a narrow range of optimal conditions. Homeostasis is achieved through the collaboration of the various systems...

Renal And Urinary Systems' Work

Renal and urinary systems are essential to life and help our body maintain a state of homeostasis by regulating fluid and electrolytes, removing wastes and carrying out a number of functions. The kidney’s assist in urine formation, control water balance and blood pressure, secrete important...

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