Essay Samples on Sleep

Recommendations on How to Beat Jet Lag

For a frequent traveler or international traveler, everyone must have to deal with jet lag. Whether you have an important business trip or you’re finally taking your dream vacation, don’t let jet lag symptoms – insomnia, fatigue, daytime sleepiness or mild nausea – drain your...

Narcolepsy and Sleep Apnea as Main Sleeping Conditions

As the world turns, change becomes a consistency. Other consistencies in life involve your body’s rest and performance cycles. Rest often determines the productivity rate of an individual.It has been stated by several physicians that the average person should aim for 7-8 hours of adequate...

Sleep Deprivation: An Economic Catastrophe

Sleep deprivation has now been classified by Medsleep–a network of Canadian clinics–as an “emerging global epidemic” (“Sleep Deprivation”). In the past fifty years, our average sleep duration has decreased by nearly two hours (“Sleep Deprivation”). In the United States, the average sleep duration has dropped...

Sleep And It's Impact On Students

Nowadays, an entire diversity of pernicious factors that severely affect the human body can be observed, such as, depletion of the environment, the rapid pace of modern life, malnutrition, constant stress, and consistent disturbance of the daily regime. These factors may induce one to feel...

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