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The Definition and Essence of the Breakdown

The word “Breakdown” seems to be self-explanatory. Webster’s definition of a breakdown is:“ A failure to function, a function loss, failure to progress or have effect”. When we apply it to equipment or assets, then anytime the equipment or asset fails to perform when required_...

How to Overcome an Emotional Breakdown

If we focus too much on each other, it may be harder to overcome the emotional pause. Instead of being incomplete, we have to make sure all others complete us. We’ve all had emotional depression. However, it is very difficult to go there. That is...

Why Nervous Breakdown Management Is Important

“A nervous breakdown is a mental health crisis that occurs when a person is no longer able to cope with stress or pressure (Bridges to Recovery, 2019)”. Humans are very emotional beings that tend to lead busy lives. Dealing with family, friends, careers, finances, and...

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