Why Nervous Breakdown Management Is Important

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“A nervous breakdown is a mental health crisis that occurs when a person is no longer able to cope with stress or pressure (Bridges to Recovery, 2019)”. Humans are very emotional beings that tend to lead busy lives. Dealing with family, friends, careers, finances, and much more can make someone feel overwhelmed. Anyone who can experience daily life is susceptible to this ailment. Unfortunately, some people cannot always handle the heavy loads placed upon them. Very often, this can lead to the symptoms of a nervous breakdown.

Many things can cause a person to encounter the effects of this quite common but serious condition. One of the biggest causes is stress. Stress is a term that has many meanings as it can pertain to several aspects and things. When about a nervous breakdown, the part of stress involved comes from the pressures of life that one is not exactly able to deal with effectively. Some types of physical or mental distress can also bring about the onsets of a breakdown. Sometimes it can be as tragic as a death in the family, or an accident is leaving a person handicapped or disabled. There are many things big and small that can stress someone to the point where they feel control over their life slipping away. Because many of us experience stress, some of us, unfortunately, have nervous breakdowns.

Symptoms of a nervous breakdown may vary from person to person, and some of them include anxiety, depression, mood swings, and paranoia, to name a few (15 Mental Breakdown Symptoms: Are You on the Edge, 2018). These ailments can even be present in someone’s life before they experience a breakdown. Sometimes, these things can bring someone to their breaking point that much faster. Effects can be short term, but they may also be long term as well. Medical illnesses may come about and can become lifelong issues. At the same token, illnesses can be created as a result of such breakdowns. This may be something that has to be dealt with for the remainder of one’s life. Fortunately, there are ways to help people put their life back together. The ways depend on the level at which these victims are suffering.

At some point, the symptoms could be as a result of some other body conditions. So, it is better once the signs and symptoms have been observed, one to seek medical diagnosis and if proven positive, s(he) will seek medical treatment for quick recovery (Shorter, 2013). It is nice when proven to be positive, for afterward the victim will receive a variety of help from the family, friends and the medical team itself. After a proper diagnosis one can be taught on the various mechanism of coping with the situation until s(he) is proved healthier.

There are some ways that one can use to cope with the condition. As stated earlier the condition is so severe when it happens to attack someone’s life. One may get it tough when he or she suffers from the condition more so when s(he) fails to understand the source of the breakdown. So, it is wise for one to be keen to the point of realizing the cause of the breakdown because that is where the coping mechanism starts from. For one to survive from the breakdown condition, he or she should check for the source of the condition first and then lift it away. For example, one could be suffering from the breakdown due to the emotional life that is demanding, and thus s(he) should undergo counseling so that the demand is met and by doing so the victim would be at ease.

The other way that can help such victims to relax when attacked with the condition is by seeking from a medical specialist to get some counseling that would make the condition relax. At sometimes when the breakdown is triggered with a lifestyle change, can be tackled through thorough counseling which would help relieve the anxiety developed in the process of the breakdown. It is also advised that the victim should try to change the mode of feeding for there are some diets that are recommended for such victims. It is confirmed that some victims suffer from the condition due to lack of vitamin B6 and niacin. Hence, such victims are recommended to change the feeding routine for them to cope with the nervous breakdown condition (M., 2010).

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It is recommended that when suffering from the condition, or ones relative is undergoing through such a condition; they should look for ways of visiting a psychotherapist. A psychotherapist will examine the victim through behavioral examination and interviews to realize the level of the condition. The goodness of seeking advises on how to go about the condition is that the specialist will recommend the measures to take for the victim to be safe from the condition. There also some management measures and routines that the family and victim him or herself would be advised to take for the better progress of the condition.

There are some other management measures programs that the victims should undergo to control the health crisis that s(he) is undergoing. One of the best programs that he should undergo to ensure that the crisis is solved is the residential treatment program. This is the best program amongst many others for it is the one that shows how the victim would tackle all the unpleasant symptoms that threaten around. The other program that is important is the lifestyle change program. The program helps the victim take a new look of life, and by so doing, s(he) reduces the stress and anxiety involved in the condition. When the victims undergo to residential treatment and lifestyle change program properly, then go as they direct him or her to, there is a higher probability that the victim will survive through the condition safely (Gray, 2006).

The other important program that would help the nervous breakdown victims cope with the condition is on stress management. The program is also a pillar in controlling the symptoms accompanied with the condition. As we all know, stress and anxiety are among the major symptoms of the nervous breakdown condition. Thus, when one undergoes the stress management program, s(he) easily withstand the overwhelming symptoms that are related to the condition. It is advisable that once one is diagnosed with the condition, he or she should be in the position of following step by step the prescription given in any program that s(he) attended.

The goodness of attending such programs or even seeking medication from a qualified specialist that, during the diagnosis of the condition, the specialist can check whether the victim has some underlying mental illness. That is the main reason as to why the health faculty recommends that when you suspect any individual within your locality possessing any weird symptoms, try as much as you can to ensure he seeks medical attention for the better being of the victim (Wolff, 2017).

According to (Staff, 2018) it is very hard to determine whether someone is suffering from nervous breakdown for at some time the symptoms may be as a result of some sources. The author explains further that it is true that one may be stressed up with other things such as family issues, workplace issues, and many others. He or she can develop mood swings as well, but that does not mean that he or she is suffering from the nervous breakdown condition unless diagnosed by a specialist. The information brings us to the point that it is nice to push for medical checkups rather than giving conclusions to symptoms related to known conditions. Specialists should be left to perform their jobs as mandated, let us no force ourselves to careers that we do not know where to start from or even finish.


In conclusion, a nervous breakdown is not a condition that a victim should play around with. Individuals should be very keen with themselves or even their relatives once they notice signs and symptoms related to such a condition. As evidenced from various articles the condition can cost the life of someone if not taken care of, hence everyone must play his role whenever such a situation happens in their presence. They should take the right steps from the very point of symptom notice to the specialists and back to what prescribed as the medical measures of the affected victim.

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