Essay Samples on Suicide

Can Trapped Person Commit A Suicide?

“Yes, all that is clear; but is a trapped person necessarily doomed to suicide.” (pg. 21) The author, Milan Kundera, explains why Anna Karenina commits suicide. People have disappeared from her life, she is very sad from her being separated from her son, she feels…

No Such Thing As Suicide

I never knew how, or when, or why it started, it just started. This never-ending conflict of me, only me, and this was my lunacy. This was how multiple lacerations came to me, or how my skin thirsted for my blood, or how high the…

The Issue Of Teen Suicide

Teen suicide is an increasing phenomenon in Bangladesh. Data regarding teen suicide is quite insufficient for Bangladesh perspective, still from further studying it was found out that psychologists have identified the teenage years as one of the most difficult phases of human life. It is…

Why Teenagers Commit Suicide

Suicide can be characterized as a demonstration or an example of taking one’s own life deliberately and purposefully. Suicide is certainly not a decision to survive or a decision to get away. Rather, fruitful suicide is definitely mortal. Suicide is the third driving reason for…

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