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Characteristics Of Shared Psychotic Disorder And Its Prediction

In French, folie á deux can be translated into “madness of two”. This “madness” is referring to a shared psychosis. Shared psychotic disorder is when two people that are in an intimate relationship share delusions. These delusions stem from close emotional ties to a mentally...

The Struggles of Living with Psychosis in Sarah Kane's 4.48 Psychosis

Sarah Kane is one of the most important names when it comes to In-Yer-Face theatre. Before everything about her and 4.48 Psychosis it would be appropriate to explain what In-Yer-Face theatre is. Basically, for the first time this term was used by Aleks Sierz, British...

Ancient Indian Perspective on Psychosis

In early part of 19th century, Dr. James Esdaile, a surgeon working in Kolkata under the East India Company, with the help of his native assistant, experimented with and used Mesmerism as a pain relieving technique during the surgeries he performed and also in some...

Suggestions for the Effective Psychosis Recovery Program Models

Mental health and wellbeing are of major importance due to the vital role in which they play in everyday life. This can be shown in the prevalence, with mental health affecting approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK each year. (1) Good mental health...

Possible Harm of the Identification of Psychosis Biotypes to a Patient Health

First time diagnoses for mentally ill patients often are inaccurate with wrong medication being prescribed, however, biotypes could promise more accurate diagnoses in the future. These biotypes show subtle differences in brain gray matter, further differentiating between broad diagnoses. Without accurate diagnoses, many mental illness...

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