The Slavery of Mind: Methods to Break Away

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Our religion, currently in practice, is a friend of brain slavery. Man's mind has been provided to understand, meditate on every essence. He should accept each object by thinking, that is why it is fate that neither of every element should be accepted as blind. The modern form of religion has made the human mind extremely compressed, timid. Book, pen, Witchcraft, journey, and how many disasters are riding on the human mind. Because of religious chains, it does not matter from the point of view.

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Thousands of people are presented to lift their fingers. So poor people have to emulate other people. Simulation can be suitable for ignorance, but being prudent, tie in that chain produces strong excitement in his mind. Thus the slavery of mind arises. When the mind is not able to discreet in the good and the bad, he will call it 'disable', he must do a karmic act independently. If a person's mind does not independently possess the power of discrimination, then it will be in the power of any other power. When the mind does not dominate its will, then it must be dominated by any foreign power.

If a small plant is closed in a vial and only 'open from the top, then it will grow upwards, respectively. There is no scope for spreading it around because it has kept it in a narrow environment. Similarly, if you remain vulnerable, then the mind will not develop. He will be single-minded and will not be able to develop kindness, kindness, truthfulness, fearlessness or judicial power. By keeping the mind closed in a small circle, man is suffering from intestine while still having all the splendor. There is no inferiority in it.

Give independence to the mind Give him a chance to spread around. From mental freedom itself, there is a presence of divine qualities in a man. Give freedom of mind to think freely, to meditate, then he will become your real friend and adviser. He will not be full of inferior pleasures. He will not depend on the mercy of other people. After attaining mental independence, the attitude of man towards the world changes. Man is not happy without mental freedom. Imagine that you have to talk about other people's gestures on talk, where you try to reveal the originality that you get a sharp scolding. In such a situation, the mind does not get matured. All his originality is destroyed and corrupted. That mind becomes the enemy of man and the obstacle in progress.

The main means of mental improvement is education. The brain which does not get an education will stop it from experiencing a little. Education is such that all the forces of the mind-logic force-comparison power-memory power, writing power can be developed a little bit. There is no doubt that we can increase all these powers according to our will. The only requirement is that of the right kind of education. Education should be found that man's development continues to be progressive, he will not become a slave of the stereotypes, otherwise, the result of mental slavery will be fierce.

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