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Tuberculosis Infection and Disease and Its Link to Poverty

Introduction A 28 years old male patient come with the complaint of cough, shortness of breath and high grade fever since from last 2 weeks admitted in private ward with a preventive isolation. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis. He was a chain smoker smoking almost...

Tuberculosis and Immunization and the Role of Community in Treatment

Immunization not only safeguards a person, but also safeguards those in the general public by expanding the general proportion of protection in the community and therefore reducing the expansion of infection (Ministry of Health, 2015). For this reason, Fiji introduced the Expanded Program on Immunization,...

Evolution of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis: A Literary Exploration

The Oxford Dictionary defines evolution as "The process by which different kinds of living organisms are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the Earth." Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a pathogen belonging to the ‘Mycobacteriaceae‘ family, is notorious for causing tuberculosis. The question...

Tuberculosis - A Dreadful Disease Of The Victorian Era

There is a dread disease. . .which medicine never cured, wealth never warded off or poverty could boast exemption from; which sometimes moves in giant strides and sometimes at a tardy sluggish pace, but, slow or quick, is ever sure and certain.” (Dormandy 92). That...

Use Of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Lipolytic Enzymes For Treatment

A strategy for disease prevention and the spread of resistant strains is targeting different parts of the bacteria. For example, targeting the membrane of mycobacterium can be a chemotherapy intervention and a good way to slow down the progression of genetic resistance and kill drug-resistant...

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