Cyber Security Threats To E-Commerce

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The development of technology and the globalisation of internet, ecommerce have huge impacted significant in use of computer as well as a crime committed. More than decades, the economy has moved towards one that depend on complex digital communication infrastructure. This offer enormous opportunities for small business. The digital economy information began with personal computing, such as mobile telephony, the internet and email. Nowadays, it is moved even further with cloud computing, smart devices like tablets and smart phones not to mention social media.

Nevertheless, the use of technology and the internet for business transactions have exposed the industry to an increase rate of cybercrime. In this essay can be analyse a security threats to e-commerce how this is occurred. Introduction Research has found that the software used in Cybercrime is sometimes referred to as crimeware, used in command of certain online crimes. Cybercrime is defined as a crime committed on the internet by using a computer, smartphones and other mobile devices as a target. The object of crime is used as an instrument to commit an offence crime such as, child pornography, hates crime, domestic terrorism entry others. Firstly, of all, this act is illegal and inhuman, committed by someone who have a professional and technical skill and crucial ability to take advantages of other people or some countries as target. Furthermore, the development of technology and use of internet allowed that cybercrime raises even further as well as business systems, in addition Cybercrime can be involved in denial of services attack such as fraud online. The fast progress of internet has opened many opportunities in every field in our daily life, such as leisure, business, sports or education. However, internet also has its own disadvantages of the major disadvantage is cybercrime.

For example, e-mail, spying, credit card fraud, spam’s and software piracy. The huge similarity between Cybercrime and traditional crime may take different forms and occur closely, anywhere or anytime. However, in cybercrime computer network are used to finales the crime or its target. Another point worth noting is e-commerce deals with buy and sell of raw material and services electronic such as internet or other networks. Commerce implementation is a vital process for organisation to make it fruitful and useful. Consequently, intensive research works in e-Commerce implementation from a diverse variety.

For instance, online shopping is generally popular as part of e-commerce, another example of ecommerce would be online bank, online bill payments, buy stocks and transferring funds from one account to another. Another key word to remember is the most issues of e-commerce threats are defined as you can imagine. There are those who argue that e-commerce has been blow up, in a huge scale and sophistication of internet’s fraud and cybercrime with one of the highest world rates on adapted of technology and internet usage, as a result the United States tops the list for both internet security breaches and identify theft worldwide. In the last eight years more than 7. 1 billion individualities have been exposed, and hundreds of millions of variants of malware and both have unleashed. This essay will demonstrate some of these problems: It will show how cybercrime is take control of environment, what can be done to solve this problem and who is most vulnerable or can be affect by cybercrime.

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The nascent internet is going to create even further opportunities. However, these benefits have brought with them a wide range of risks for smaller businesses and not only. on the positives ide ecommerce benefits has lower start-up cost. To open a retail is necessary to have a capital and support such as: financial, rent or buy property, sales equipment store signs, not to mention, pay to staff to work or possible hire security staff depending on the product value in the store. Another advantage of ecommerce is that online stores are open twenty-four hours per week, what’s more, is very easy to encourage impulse buy by showing an attractive product another key word to mention customer do not need to travel further. Even though that ecommerce has a lot of benefit in environment they also have disadvantages like: cannot buy anything if the site affected by the hacker, even so customer cannot try before buy, my own view on the matter is ecommerce are very competitive, despite physical story is still more popular despite decline. According to Bill Barr a cybercrime become a large threat to companies in the UK, also around the world many organisations agreed to work together to prepare themselves for the anticipated increase in cybercrime. It has been reported that 10% of UK businesses had at least one malicious incident last year, double the number in 2000. Most compelling evidence, around 80 per cent of cybercrime can be avoid whether follow the few important level of security, research has found out that 65% of cyberattack occur in insider. For instance, who are disappointed with their boss, some employees may lose unencrypted information, what is more theses kind of risk can be avoided when you have knowledge and know how to protect data.

The biggest risk comes from the threat of cyber criminality. Recent research by FSB highlighted in this report – found high levels of cybercrime against smaller businessesTo combat this type of crime, will recommend all lawyer and law to follow some requirement: check the security arrangement and access all service, take in consideration the risk exposed by cybercrime, clear cybersecurity strategy and addressing technology issues,Another way to prevent this issue, is to take a personal training at last avoid seeing cybersecurity as problem and learn how to deal with this. Another vital information to mention according to experts, a recent UK Government report into the management of entitled risk: Improving government’s capability to handle risk and uncertainty November 2002”. The government advises such as public sector or private sector to prepare for the unexpected. To protect themselves for cyber the organisations need to take measures to prevent other for potential disaster. A lot of companies are making a mistake by managing risks in different departments. In my opinion IT executives, should not try to manage the cyber problem by themselves. They do not have all the expertise to control the risk. In addition, the organisations should address the cyber issue widely.

There is who argue that, all the company should: Establish a risk management council, personally speaking this action can bring together representatives from finance, legal, human resource, communications, line operations and other departments. On top of that Create a culture, policies and procedures that motivate all employee to play a role in identify and manage risk. While the analysis should be complete and look to guarantee that the barriers to dealing with cybercrime in the UK are minimal, it should include a focus on few issues:Revising whether the UK is as entirely submissive with the necessities of the Council of Europe additionally Convention on cybercrime correctaction should be taken where the UK is found not to be entirely compliant. Look at whether there is any need for creating new criminal offences e. g. a specific offence of ID theft and whether there could be closer regulation of online information sources which make personal information easily available which criminals are able to exploit. One avenue to explore should be whether there is a need for the law to encourage social media sites to be moreeffective at deleting old data or encouraging their users to make sure they delete old data. Whether strict liability offences could play more of a role in dealing with aspects of cybercriminal. The extent to which the tool-box available to law enforcement could be strengthened throughthe availability of new or the extension of existing civil powers to use alongside the criminal law. On the other hand, every issue has a solution.

To prevent cybercrime to grow bigger and bigger will suggest such as: Improve a protection levels of the small business community, commercial supply and the digital information networks. Better software “Most of cybercrime depend on on the fact software contains faults in its design. All sector of the IT industry has been created in based of Microsoft products, for example, there is a clear need and opportunity for greater industry co-operation and testy a software product to reduce the opportunity for hackers. “ We have already seen examples of alleged international cyber-attacks, such as that happen on Estonia, and UK, security services warning businesses of extensive cyber espionage initiating in the Far East. We all know that, at some level, everybody is prying and spying on everybody else cyber presence. Rogue state is not defined by a weapons or politics but a laws and regulations. Without a common base level of data protection.

To sum up we live in an age when many of us are exposed to various types of crime and we are vulnerable to various types of attacks even in our home we are not security once the crime rate is increasing. The government support is clearly essential to prevent cybercrime. Based on my given evidence I do believe, that governments should take the best action to avoid all this happen in the future.

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