Finding The Solutions To Cyberbullying: Opening A Discussion

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There have been numerous students that feels reluctant to report cyberbullying incidents to adults in schools for various reasons. Cyberbullying is defined as bullying that takes place using digital technology. This may include social media networks, text messages or email. Recent research studies have shown that a substantial number of students are victims of cyberbullying, which leads to a wider realization that cyberbullying is becoming a serious problem (Cross, 2008; Li, 2006a, 2006b; Thompson, Smith, & Goldsmith, 2008; Willard, 2004a). Cyberbullying may spread rumors, post embarrassing photos or videos, or use fake profiles. Bullying which also includes cyberbullying can causes huge enthusiastic and mental misery. Much the same as some other survivor of tormenting, cyberbullied kids experience nervousness, dread, discouragement, and low confidence. In any case, focuses of cyberbullying likewise experience some remarkable outcomes and negative feelings. Gordon (2020) stated “A child may feel a range of emotions if they are the target of a cyberbully.” These are some words to describe the feelings and emotions that cyberbullied teens and tweens may experience. They will feel all sort of feelings, but some can be mental and physical. At times, adolescents have ended their own lives since they were casualties of horrible cyberbullies. Although there’s way to effect cyberbullying, but then there is other solution you can prevent it. You can talk to a friend or your parents about the situation of cyberbullying, stay off of social media, learn to control yourself and stress, like doing some exercise, and meditation. You can also spend time doing the things you enjoy doing, like hanging out with your families and friends, do activities, or even play sports. These positive ways can help students and others around the world to help them get out of bullying and cyberbullying. However, the best way to prevent cyberbullying begins on the ground with the youth involved.

Young people messages or post harsh things to others on social media, which others are being affected by it. It has been said that psychology experts are able to better understand just how different it is from traditional kindergarten teasing. According to Willard (2004), cyberbullying can take different forms, with the main forms ranging from flaming, to harassment, to cyberstalking. The question to my research paper is “What happens after students are cyberbullied”? “What do students do when witnessing cyberbullying”? “Why do victims not report the incidents”? and “What are students' opinions about cyberbullying?” It is shown through a worldwide news that these cyberbullying that is going online is affecting young kids, by judging the way they are, the way they act, and the way they look. Which gives them a negative effect around themselves, by doing something beyond other expectation. Cyberbullying is the cause of deaths, cases, sick problems, and isolated.

Cyberbullying can cause huge enthusiastic and mental misery. Cyberbullying can occur anywhere, even at home, via smartphones, emails, texts, and social media, 24 hours a day, with potentially hundreds of people involved. Cyberbullies use digital technology to harass, threaten, or humiliate you. Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying doesn’t require face-to-face contact and isn’t limited to just a handful of witnesses at a time. It also doesn’t require physical power or strength in numbers, it is studies which indicates that cyberbullying is becoming a major issue in schools and has various negative effects. Nevertheless, it is not clear how students' beliefs and opinions affect their behaviors online, whether as a cyberbully, or a bystander. This study, therefore, examines student opinions and beliefs in relation to their behaviors.

Cyberbullying is run by technology. Technology keeps on growing quickly and is along these lines changing our methods of working in the public eye. This carries new measurements to our duties as teachers and coaches. doors are continually opening, bringing more chances and simultaneously requiring we all to rethink the moral utilization of innovation in schools. Research has demonstrated that students have changed radically due to the rapid development and diffusion of digital technology (Li, 2005; Prensky, 2001). So, what we do online affects what we do in real life. Harassment that occurs in cyberspace might also occur in person. Therefore, technologies must be monitored and modified to manage cyberbullying and promote the responsible use of technology.

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Cyberbully affects online video games. Online video games are becoming more addicting and realistic for those whose play video games seriously. For example, one person plays a multiplayer online battle game such as Call Of Duty (COD), in which you play against people around the world, and for that person that plays against them, he or she lose through a battle will be yelled at with profanity and ugly names on that game. Even so, it can also be acted towards your family and friends when you’re playing against or with them. Indeed, recent research has extolled the social, cognitive, and emotional benefits of playing certain games (Granic et al.,2014; Markey et al.,2015). Cyberbullying received abundant attention in recent years because of a spread of ensuing tragic events, as well as cyberbullying victims’ suicides. This cyberbullying problem can only happen when a person loses or wins in any games they play. It’ll make a person continue on with this problem depending on the hour they spent playing online or console. This what I meant by affecting technology, it isn’t always about social media, where it all comes from is technology.

Overall, students who self-identified as “gamers” were considerably a lot of seemingly to own aforesaid that they afraid or cyberbullied others throughout the previous thirsty days. Patchin (2018) specifically said, “twenty first of gamers and martinmas of non-gamers had afraid others in class, whereas martinmas of gamers and 6 June 1944 of non-gamers aforesaid they’d cyberbullied others. Apparently, gamers were conjointly a lot of seemingly than non-gamers to be victim of bullying online (25.9% compared to fifteen. 7%).” Therefore, on its face, there appears to be an association between vice and bullying. Players are anonymous, they cannot essentially be command answerable for their behavior, and their harassment will cause some players to go away games. Some anonymous users use the sport as a method to harass strangers or to urge their personal info, like usernames and password.

Reports on Cyberbullying

On the worldwide news, many places around the world has reporting cyberbullying, which brings no justice for them. To all middle school and high school kids are being bullied at school and they aren’t speaking up about it. These situations that are happening in the world are bringing more deaths because no action or justice to the young ones. “Being a bully on the internet is a sign of insecurity and weakness” said Run (2010). A teen from Tennessee high school student who killed himself after being outed online as bisexual. His name is Channing Smith, a 16-year-old junior at Coffee County Central High School in Manchester, Tenn., took his own life on Sept. 23 after sexually explicit text messages that he had exchanged with a male classmate were posted on social media, according to his family.

Another one back in March by an investigator in the Oregon Department of Education and made public this month, found that top officials in North Bend had for at least the past two school years fostered hostile conditions for gay and lesbian students, hesitated to intervene after reports of sexual harassment and retaliated against a school counselor who had cooperated with the state investigation. Also, in California, gay and lesbian high school students described years of harassment and bigotry from school employees and other students, and a deeply religious culture that silenced their complaints. “Kids can be cruel, and it’s coddled,” said Alan Brown, a gay activist in the area who helped organize the community event, where one of the students spoke about her experiences at North Bend High School. Yet, no justice is served.

Cyberbullying may take a huge impact to everybody’s lives, but there’s always a positive and healthy way to avoid these situations. To prevent cyberbullying from occurring you must understand or educate yourself exactly what it is. Be Best has played a major role in spreading awareness, highlighting successful programs and acts of kindness, and encouraging public-private sector relationships to help children overcome the struggles they face every day,” said First Lady Melania Trump (2020). Keep yourself occupied by doing things you enjoy, protect your account from anyone, post PG stuff if you’ll get back online. Think before you post something up, and always put your accounts on private. Log out on random devices you use. Also, you can do other things besides all the information that is being labeled for people. Others can really raise awareness, bring awareness to cyberbullying whether it be through a movement, a club an event or campaign. Knowledge is power.


Cyberbullying is an issue in social orders that are advanced enough to have the innovation to associate with others on the web and isn't effectively fixable. Cyberbullying can affect anyone but is most prominent in today’s youth. If we can curve out this awful behavior early in their age, they are unlikely to continue down that path. On the off chance that we can bend out this terrible conduct from the get-go in their age, they are probably not going to proceed down that way. Eliminating cyberbullying will take a combined effort and won’t be eliminated overnight. If the government is willing to accept that cyberbullying is a problem, laws can be put in place to help discourage this activity. Even still, parents and schools should eliminate and stop this behavior now, then laws shouldn’t be necessary. So, schools and parents, be aware of what kids are doing on the internet and their phones, and act if they are doing something that they shouldn’t be.

Cyberbullying isn’t good for anyone, because it’ll just affect physically, verbally, and mentally. In Samoa, I don’t think all people are like that, because they most likely joke around, even though the joke really hurts, but others will bully the ones who are very different then us, the one that are very special in everyone’s eyes. We should change are ways and habits and do things right. Too much cases that people are dying because of the way they are.         

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