Why Cyberbullying Is Extremely Dangerous And Harmful

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Depression, anger, shame, fear, frustration, anxiety. These are some of the hurtful feelings both children and adults go through when they are affected by cyberbullying. At the same time if these antipathetic emotions aren’t dealt with properly, it can end up into a dreadful and devastating event. For example: If children our age or maybe a bit older get influenced to follow these following behaviours, there are many chances of populations all around the world to decrease year by year. Sadly, 40% of teens and young children are victims of cyberbullying.

To start of with, low performance in academics, recent studies has said that cyber bullying affects young people both physiologically and emotionally. It disturbs and prevents young people to achieve their goals as well as good grades. The reason being, today us youths are addicted to using electronic communication tools. Well it is an unrefusable fact that electronic based communication has transformed our lives, tremendously but, regrettably there is a dark side to this technology advancement. Most people undergo some sort of bullying at least once in their lives. Did you know 10% of victims cyberbullied are 7th-9th graders. Have you ever heard the quote “modern technology is like a double edged sword so think wisely before you use it”by Dr. Qais Faryadi. I definitely agree with Dr. Qais Faryadi due to the effects that students who are sent to school to learn have gone through.

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Beginning with, technology, yes technology does give us connectivity. As in, the ability to contact people or involve in things from all over the world. But on the other hand it gives us emotional stress. Because of these emotional stresses which are given to students, they are always off tasks, thinking about what to do next, lose belief in all their friends and in the people around them, and then lastly have no clue what to do and choose bad decisions. As we all know making decisions on your own and on important issues isn’t easy. Did you know, that a big amount of researchers have discovered that physiological stress affects the thinking skills and brain development of even the youngest students. It’s not good to hear about this?

Furthermore, cyberbullying affects your future in many ways beginning with, Your future job. Think as if your a manager, would you want to appoint a person who goes through cyber bullying?. Well many say that, 20% of young adults indicate fear of cyber bullies which made them reluctant to go to work. Managers and owners wouldn’t want to take responsibility for these following things you may be forced to do like, self harm yourself and in extreme cases might even attempt suicide. But the main reason is that if you do attempt suicide, which we all know only 3% of young people would do or get the guts to do, social media and new reporters will go straight to the company that they work at and torture them to know what happened to you. And if bad lucks on the company’s side, Social media as usual might turn the table around and just blame everything on the company.

Why do people cyberbully? People cyberbully to try get revenge, if you did something bad to the bully. They wouldn’t waste their time to think what’s best, because anger will cover their eyes. Mostly, they believe the person deserves it, and if they're bored and have nothing to do they will just try to put you down to time pass. Well to me I believe that peer pressure, is the common reason why people cyberbully. For example, if you join the wrong group of people whether if it’s at work, school, or anywhere, there are many bad decisions you can be motivated or forced to do. They think everyone's doing it and they think it’s fun, as well as, they want to become popular. Just because they think that popular people grab people's attention and because they think everyone cares and respects the popular people more than normal people.

Overall, cyberbullying is extremely dangerous and can be harmful to even the youngest people. It causes emotional and physiological stress which isn’t good for the human body. To support the victims, overall I strongly believe that cyberbullying is bad.

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