Negative Impacts Of Gadgets Overusing Among Teenagers

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The term of “Kids Zaman Now” becomes a trending topic in social media. Actually, this term is referred to young generation in present era. We can do anything which pushes up by development of technology. As we can see in the reality, most of teenagers have a gadget. No matter what the purpose is. They want to use that for any kinds of activities. Moreover, many of applications are made to make an easy way to do the activities. However, on the other hand, teenagers tend to use gadget inappropriately. In some facts, released by Huffington Post article involved a thousand smartphone users in young age.

Resulted that almost 50% of teenagers tend to focus on their gadget in a day. Usually, they access the social media and open a camera for taking a picture. This reality also happen in daily life. Another fact that they tend to looking for a smartphone rather than a wallet. It reflects how important gadget for teenagers. This time, I would like to present about the topic of “Overusing Gadget”, Does it have a bad impact? To answer that question, I will highlight the 3 reasons; First, the radiation impact; Second, wasting your effective time; Finally, gadget brings you become an anti-social one. Obviously, I will summarize to the end of my speech.

The first reason why overusing gadget is very dangerous for teenagers is the radiation impacts. This is a truly accident that happens in many cases. When teenagers often use gadget, they will not feel the impact direclty. Those eyes seem to be tired and some complications. This kind of accident assumed as common disease. But, the radiation will distract their eyes and become a big problem for their visibilty. We can see the proof in many cases. One of that released by kompas. com that the radiation from gadget can decrease the amount of blink. It causes the iritation of eyes, dryness of eyes and their visibility will fade gradually. The Swedish reseacher, Dr. Lennart Hardell, he said that using gadget for one hour per day within ten years could increase the risk of complications. Maybe, the government in case of Health Department or social movement can educate or give an education about the impacts of radiation. It will be better for them to understand how bad radiation is. After that, they will know and manage their time to limit in using gadget. Next, let me talk about the second reason. That is wasting the effective time.

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Oftenly, they never feel it. Because this reason cannot be seen as a tangible one. “Time flies so fast”,this is one term that represents the time is very limit. Especially for teenagers, they need to use time as wise as possible. Many people argue when they were in young age, they regret it because they have wasted many times to do unuseful thing. Based on my experience. This is what we face nowadays. Usually, we do not know how to utilize our time. We should try something useful but we are lazy to do that. In fact, teenagers tend to use their time only for scrolling the feeds and commenting on social media more than one hour, because it is a very simple thing. Actually, this kind of activity is very unuseful and wasting time. We can realize after seeing the time and shouting “Time flies so fast”. Therefore, we need to know how important effective time for our life is. Now, I’d like to move on to the third reason. Overusing gadget can drive them to be an anti-social one. This is very happening nowadays. In certain groups of teenagers. They have a meeting and make a circle. Does anyone know what happen during that meeting?. They only focus on gadget and no body cares what the speaker say about. So interesting why teenagers nowadays dont care about surrounding area. It also happen in my boarding house. One of my neighbor seems to be a smartphone addict. I do not know what he plays. However, one day he asked by other people to entrust a goods in my boarding house to pick it up, the name was mentioned in the package, but he did not know the name adderessed to. How poor he is.

Therefore, Recognizing people is very important; Don’t be an anti-social one.

In conclusion, overusing gadget is a kind of usual activity that conduct by teenagers. By the advancing of technology, everything can be accessed by one click in one time. At this time, overusing gadget is addictive. We cannot leave gadget for a moment. Facing a gadget everyday in long time can trigger the eyes complications because of radiation. Moreover, the effective time will disappear without any advantages. Also, hampering people to socialize with others. Therefore, limiting and managing the time in using gadget is a wise step. Teenagers are the gold age. Do as wise as possible to arrange the future.

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