The Choice Between Tablets And Textbooks In Education

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Since social media and devices have improved over the years, schools have been using Chromebooks for students to use during school for lessons. But should they replace textbooks? Students when using technology seem to get off track in their lessons by playing games like snake or solitaire which shifts them away from learning. On the other side, people say that tablets are breakable and expensive but if students will take care of them, prices are different in every store and website. Tablets can hold many apps for every subject, they are cheaper than textbooks, and cause fewer injuries. (“Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in K-12 Schools?”)

To start, new devices have led the world to new things, so we can use them for something amazing. Putting information in apps, websites, videos, and articles are helpful for students and all of that keeps them awake to learn instead of reading boring textbooks. Schools would pick technology now because it’s developing along with students, so buying tablets, Chromebooks, and computers are an advantage for students to learn from. (“Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in K-12 Schools?”)

Another important reason is, tablets cost about $100 each but some websites lower the price when a school buys about 2,000 tablets. Textbooks cost $250 per student but you’ll also have to buy many for each subject. Our world is being destroyed by too much usage of trees which are used daily. Many people use paper, but they always throw it away when they are done using it which is a waste. (“Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in K-12 Schools?”)

In addition, many students have had many injuries from 5 pound (2.27 kg) books in their backpacks for each subject which is about 20-30 pounds (13.61 kg) on students backs not to mention folders, pencils, and notebooks. When students don’t have space in their backpacks or if they don’t have backpacks at all, carrying textbooks can get hard to manage. Students get sore arms, lack of sleep, and backs which distracts them from their lessons. (“Should Tablets Replace Textbooks In K-12 Schools?”)

In the end, tablets are a source of help to students, saves the environment from animals to trees, and prevents back injuries from terribly heavy textbooks. In conclusion, tablets are a more helpful, useful, safe choice for students to use than textbooks.

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