University Of The Future With Use Of Technology in Education

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In previous centuries, education was considered a difficulty since the means were lacking. Gradually, the development began from wood plates to paper to typing machines until we reached the computer. Then education began to develop at a record speed. For example, before 2000 there was no reliance on technology and the Internet. Education and modern means of education such as smart board, smart calculator and e-books have not been available. Now, technology has facilitated education and the search for information greatly, and science is still evolving. In the field of universities more accurately, there are ways that may facilitate education significantly and shorten the time and effort, such as the use of hologram technology so only one of the two parties, either the teacher or the students, must be physically present. For example, the teacher can be in his home, in a room that has specifically the same dimensions, and be present in the class as a hologram. It is also possible to use the VR technology in laboratories, which will be especially useful in medicine, practicing surgeries on cadavers, though a great method, does not put medical students under the same pressure of performing on a living being. The use of VR in medicine, can mimic the real-life experience with all its horrors. In the future, books will be discarded and replaced by iPads.

For example, books will be electronic, include schools. General courses should be dropped from colleges, leaving only major-related courses, while being more extensively studied and developed in schools. The wireless technology can be used to connect the computer with the projector. In the coming years, the tests will become electronic, and university janitors and securities will be laid off and replaced by robots to save money. Intelligent parking systems may be provided to each student for a small fee. Providing smart classrooms, where desks come from the ground after each student signs attendance. The desks should also be supported with a power port to facilitate the use of laptops and iPads, a screen to display what is written on the smart board and a data power to save the data from the smart boards, which will take a huge burden of the shoulders of both student and teachers. Using 3d technology in engineering drawing, so that the student draws on a special board instead of a paper and displays it in 3d to help the student imagine the drawing. Providing rooms for rest, for instance sleeping capsules for student to use during breaks, not to waste time returning home. Using wireless electricity to get rid of the redundancy of wires. The conduction of office hours is going to be via internet. Hologram In the end, the world revolves around technology and invention, and the use of technology in developing education is a highly effective method of facilitating teaching and learning, improving society and expanding the language of science.

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