Scientific Discovery And Invention: Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

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Hundreds of inventions and discoveries appear every day. Do you think all inventions are intentional? And are discovered after research and experimentation? I don’t think so. A famous quote states: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” That is true to a great extent. However, many more discoveries were found due to scientific error in experimentations. Therefore, we can now deduce that not all discoveries are intentional, and some are found by accident.

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What is the definition of accident? It is an incident that is not planned or occurs unexpectedly. But are all accidents equal? Should we compare accidents that happen in real life to accidental discoveries? I don’t think so. Many life-changing discoveries were found by accident. For example, if we discuss the discovery of fire. Fire was found by accident, but we wouldn’t consider it an accident. Accidents occur to anyone in this world, and most of the time we ignore their occurrence. It takes brilliant minds to deeply look into accidents. When fire was discovered the first human was amazed by it and they were smart enough to experiment with it. The first humans were scientists in the past, they followed a scientific method without one even existing. They would experiment and analyze conclusions.

Another example of an accidental invention is the potato chips, but the story was not like the last story. It was a story of revenge from the customers, An angry customer at an American restaurant was complaining about the potatoes he ordered. It was thick and unsalted enough. The customer complained so the chief tried to revenge by cut it to very small pieces, but so much salt in it, and fried it in the oil. Fortunately, the customer liked it. Then it became a very popular dish in the world. This invention was considered as an invention by the other people not the inventor himself.

But is it all about being lucky and face a great accident? and why most inventions were discovered by inventors and scientists ? as I said before we are all facing accidents but that’s not enough , most inventors have a great background about the thing they made for example, the microwave oven wasn’t made completely by an accident , Larry Spencer was an engineer who worked in the radar department in the military he noticed that his chocolate bar melted and by his experience he discovered that it melted because of the electromagnetic waves. Later, he used that function to make the first microwave oven.

In the end, In my opinion every one will face a chance to do something and have an achievement but not every one make the real benefits from it, so just listen to your insider voice and try to deal with every thing as a new chance.

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