Electrical Engineering Shapes the Future

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The devices and electronics you use everyday are very complex but do you know they work? The backbone of most modern advancements is a little something called electrical engineering. Electrical engineering lies in everyday things, such as technologies, household appliances, and lighting and wiring of buildings. These engineers work hands on with electronics and technology. This holds a great importance, being that it is a huge part of everyday life for almost everyone around the globe, and without it, we would still be in the stone age. Electrical engineering has multiple benefits for the future, like more job opportunities, enhanced technology, and even designing devices that will be able to solve world problems such as climate change, obesity, and even eradicating diseases.

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First off, we all know that climate change and global warming are a growing problem as the years go on. The new innovative technology that electrical engineers create can be used to help climate change. Solar panels are one great step towards a cleaner world, since they are almost pollution free. Engineers work extremely hard to make solar panels cleaner and more efficient. This growing need for the fight against global warming opens up plenty of job opportunities. As Jim Rohn once said, “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”. This quote implies that you may be given chances in life but if we don't make changes towards the opportunities there might not be any left. If we don't act quick enough we all could be heading towards sicknesses and diseases from pollution.

Speaking of sicknesses and diseases, electrical engineering plays a vital role in solving these problems as well. These engineers create and improve the devices that the doctors and bioengineers use to look in depth at diseases. Technology has been developing over the years, so we will see a major improvement in helping heart disease. The engineers are working on ways to make the pacemaker more portable and even more useful. The leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease with a towering 635,260 deaths per year (www.healthline.com). The major reason why so many people in the United States have heart disease is because of obesity. This Excess weight, especially abdominal or central obesity, significantly increases the risk for heart disease.

This dangerous growth of obesity is continuously getting scarier over the years. Electrical engineers can help with obesity in a few ways. One way is to make devices such as treadmills with tvs; This keeps you entertained while you get fit. The engineers are also making other ways to keep your mind off working out without you even knowing. Some people might even say that obesity isn't their fault. In some cases this is true, but it is usually the persons drive or the lack thereof. The quote “Sometimes later becomes never. do it now”(Success.com) means if you don't start losing weight, it might be too late. All of these devices and electronics around us can help with multiple problems, but some people choose to abuse them and not keep a steady balance of tech and fitness.The electrical engineers are just here to give the resources needed to make our lives better. 

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