Prevention Engineer From Corruption and Unethical Behavior

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Many people use ‘corruption’ and ‘fraud’ interchangeably. The present paper asserts that these two terms need to be used distinctly. ‘Corruption’ takes place in the form of bribery, kickbacks, commissions, or other benefits without leaving any trace in the official record. In their professional work, while working in a large bureaucratic organization or a government department, An engineer shall be aware and open about their project as it can be reviewed and audited if the project owner requested of auditing the project.So this will prevent any ill will of corruption on engineer on project that involve millions of dollar.

Work audit on engineer shall be that they will work a lot more earnest than before as they knowed that every misconduct and corruption in project will be audited as it will also risk their profession as any misconduct founded will be reported back to BEM which will investingate more thoroughly of their work in the past as well the present if the engineer was found guilty then BEM will take back their license as engineer.Henceforth an engineer will treat the work audit as a shackle or observer to their action in managing their project for example an engineer misused his/her authority to take money with no permission from the person that supervise him which will lead of loss of money in the project this will cause work audit on the project and they will check all engineer account to trace back where the money goes.

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The work audit also help an engineer to become more discipline on their action as they will be more ethical in conducting project which it will improve the quality of the project that has been underway.As time goes on the corruption and unethical way of the engineer will be dissipate and the project quality improve if and only if work audit maintained their strict of supervising an engineer when the project owner request their help in preventing corruption and unethical way in the project.Internally,there shall be a superior or employer supervising his works which we can understand on our word as an observer on the engineer conduct,hence he shall not accept any bribe that was coming to him as well as involve in unethical behavior in any manner even if he was provoked by other person to involve in unethical manner he shall not fall for it as he will known that once he involve on it the employer will report it back to BEM and take the engineer license.The work audit certainly one of the fact to prevent engineer from corruption and unethical behavior.

There were many people with high occupation that state the most important thing to change for better is to practice their own selves first,so before an engineer depend on other way to prevent corrupted way and unethical attitude they need to train their own morales as to have zero tolerance to corruption.An engineer shall be easy to corrupt and have unethically attitude because they have no train of thought of hate for corruption as their state of thought does not mind if there is corruption occur to them.

Henceforth an engineer need to practically reporting unethical behavior and bribery in their early year as engineer to prevent corruption to be ingrain to those who have become senior engineer.Thus they need to immediately report to Board of Engineers Malaysia, IEEM and Association of Consulting Engineers for unethical attitude of engineers ,when the person in question always maintain this moral of zero tolerance of corruption then the person that want to corrupt an engineer will be cautious or afraid to bribe an engineer any longer.For corruption the case shall be report to agency that prioritize to stop corruption. 

As an engineer report to BEM will cause the person who corrupt others to lose their engineer license if it is severe and if the corrupt person was not an engineer it will goes to anti-corruption agency which will investigate more thoroughly as they will make statement to the public when they done the investigation.As an engineer and invididual person they need to practice zero tolerance to corruption for the sake of maintaining the honour,usefullness of engineer profession and earn the trust of project owner as it has been state in engineer code of conduct to be a trustee to the project owner           

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