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DNA as the Carrier of Genetic Information About Us

Without genetics no one would be able to know the possible diseases they could get from their family. Genetics, inherited from our ancestors, prove that the past can shape our present. They can show what is inherited from parents, grandparents, and so forth. Genetics are...

The Use of Microbial Genetics in the Treatment of Infectious Diseases

The discovery that microorganisms can indeed produce sexually (important for gene mixing from different organisms) by Joshua Lederberg in 1947 who demonstrated the exchange of genetic factors in Escherichia coli (a process of DNA transfer called conjugation) was a major turning point in microbial genetics...

Empirical Studies of the Concept of Human Race and Genetics

The concept of the human race has been a widely known topic of debate in human genetics as there is a divided conversation on whether race is a biological attribute or a social construct. Throughout different studies, researchers have been trying to decode what the...

How Important is the Role of Genetics in Common Obesity

Frequently characterised by a body mass index greater than 30kg/m^2, obesity is rapidly becoming a serious problem for not just high-income countries, but also middle-income countries, with trends predicting that by 2025, 21% of women and 18% of men will be obese. Even in lower-income...

Genetic Factors as a Decisive Predisposition to Allergies

Families are always unique. In some ways it can be not for the better because of genetics. There are multiple factors that come into play. Could the cause of a family member receiving allergies be the cause of genetics? There may be an explanation for...

Description of Genetics Career: a Genetics Counsellor

A genetic counsellor’s main role is to provide patients information on concerns involving inherited diseases and/or conditions that run in the family or could run in an individual’s future family. These diseases include sickle cell anemia, Down syndrome, breast and ovarian cancer that is heredable,...

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