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Dynamics of Landscape Transformation During Coal Mining

In some cases, between the first stage and the subsequent development of mining operations, some time delay may occur due to organizational, economic, and other costs. During this time, the transformed landscape can catch time and grow vegetation, until the appearance of thickets of woody...

The Complexity of Geology of Lebanon

Lebanon is located at the intersection of the African, Arabian, and Eurasian tectonic plates. Because of the intersection of the three plates happens here, the region has a complex history and an interesting geography. Lebanon has three major mountain ranges: Mount Lebanon, the Bekaa, and...

Tennessee's Geology: Landscapes and Sedimentary Rocks

The state of Tennessee is very diverse. This is characterized by the variety of landscapes in the area. Tennessee landscape is majorly made up of these landforms; river valley plains, highlands and basins, and mountains. Tennessee is also divided into three; East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee...

The Map That Changed the World: Creation of Geological Map

The Map That Changed the World, by Simon Winchester, is a narrative-nonfiction book that tells the story of William Smith and his creation of the first geological map for national use. While the book may, judging from the title, seem to be focused around rocks...

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