Why I Don't Believe in the Existence of Bigfoot

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Have you ever thought about how many people in our society TRULY believe that there is an entire species of ten-foot tall man-gorillas that have been able to hide from the U.S.A’s 327.2 million people who, somehow, haven’t caught a single clear picture or found any DNA evidence such as bones, scat, or hair? Well, you would be surprised to hear that over 20% of Americans really do believe in bigfoot. That is 65.6 MILLION people in the U.S. That’s almost as much people that believe in the big bang theory.

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I, if you couldn’t already tell, don’t believe in bigfoot. I will explain why no-one in their right mind should believe in bigfoot in three separate points. First, I will talk about all the proven hoaxes around bigfoot. Next, I will explain the science behind why there is no way another animal that big can hide from us that easily. Lastly, I’ll give my reasoning behind why I don’t believe in Sasquatches.

First, I will talk about all the proven hoaxes around bigfoot. Bigfoot in a freezer (2008); Rick Dyer and Matthew Whitton claimed they found the remains of a bigfoot while hiking in the Georgia woodlands. The body was large, measuring 7 feet 7 inches tall and weighing over 500 pounds. But, somehow, they managed to haul it out of the woods and shove it in a freezer. Their find was met with skepticism, even from long-time bigfoot believers, but during a press conference in Palo Alto, they stood by their story. However, when the body in the freezer was finally examined, it turned out to be a Halloween costume with roadkill entrails dumped on top of it.(Abducted by Bigfoot) 1957.

In 1957, with interest about sasquatches growing, a former logger, Albert Ostman, talked of a strange story about how he had been kidnapped by a Sasquatch in 1924. He claimed that he had been on a holiday trip in British Columbia when a “sasquatch” carried him off and made him live with its group. What he explained was that the sasquatch wanted to use him to breed with. It took him nearly a week to escape. His story stretches the truth a little bit, and the fact that he decided to wait 33 years before telling his story makes it even harder to believe. Even some more popular bigfoot believers think his story is a Hoax.

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