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The Remarkable Legacy of Jerome Robbins

Jerome Robbins was born on October 11, 1918, in Wisconsin, New Jersey, USA. He has a strong interest in dance since he was a child and is deeply fascinated by the art of expressing his inner rich emotional world through his body language, dreaming of...

The Usage of Lighting and Sound Effects in Fiddler on The Roof

Although lighting effects were used lightly in Fiddler on the Roof, they made a large impact and aided in the depiction of the time period. Candles were used in various scenes, for example, candles were used at the family dinner. This created an intimate and...

The Important Role of Dance in Musical Theater

Musical theater is where directors, choreographers and or producers can experience either major flops or gain a tremendous success. Great loss and or success all stems from the integrity of collaboration and purpose of all those involved in the creative team. When musical theater becomes...

Jewish Culture Representation in the Fiddler on The Roof and The Journey Back Again

When creating this proposal of The Journey Back Again, I grasped ideas from the heavy Jewish tradition based musical Fiddler on the Roof, musician Amy Winehouse who was raised Jewish, and lastly, I followed the timeline and setting of the Holocaust. This musical theater format...

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