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Richard Kelly’s Masterful Use of Cinematic Techniques in Donnie Darko

Richard Kelly’s, 2001, debut film Donnie Darko embodies a myriad of cinematic techniques such as camera movement, non-diegetic sound (music) and mise en scene within the introductory scene which works hand in hand to convey vital information that places the cornerstone for the whole of...

Themes and Film Techniques in Donnie Darko

How the movie is structured overall Donnie Darko encompasses more than one genre elements such as sci-fi, thriller, drama/fantasy, however, consider it falling under the psychological thriller genre to grasp the attention of the audience to this adventurous plot which in fact takes place in...

Interpretations Of Donnie Darko: The Director'S Cut

Donnie Darko: The Directors Cut is a 2004 extended version of the movie Donnie Darko written and directed by Richard Kelly. This movie is not only dark but confusing and delusional as it revolves around a teenage boy who is a paranoid schizophrenic. The continuous...

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