Stylistic Techniques Used In The Movies Of Tim Burton

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Tim Burton is incredibly unusual and different He easily one of the best directors of our time. Mr Burton brings characters to life by putting them in a world that is foreign to the characters. His movies Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as well as Edward Scissorhands all, demonstrate how unique and special his movies are. Using certain cinematic techniques Mr. Burton points out the outcast or unusual character and shows how different they are compared to everybody else. His use of Lighting, screenplay, and audible sounds gives the viewers a different perspective on the movies and helps the viewer understand the character's predicament.

In one of Tim Burton's most unique movies Alice in Wonderland. High angles are used to display our protagonist Alice falling down a magic rabbit hole into wonderland. Mr. Burton utilizes this technique for the reason for displaying the fact that Alice is stuck in a foreign place and how she is helpless to escape. The lighting between wonderland is on very far ends of the spectrum considering how different they are. When at Alice's engagement party, the utilized is lighting is high key creating a calming and upbeat and joyous mood. When in Underland the lighting is a low key this creates an eerie and suspenseful portion of the film.

The sounds in the two worlds are very different as well. When Allice is at a party you can and the characters can audibly hear diegetic sounds like the songbirds are singing and the chords from which the band is playing. Once she enters Underland, suspenseful non-diegetic music is playing. Having separate lighting and audible sounds in the different worlds assist displaying how Alice is in a diverse and foreign area at the moment and she is not sure if she belongs there. Tim Burton does indeed have an incredibly odd way of assembling his film, but that is the reason they are all incredibly intriguing and interesting.

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The movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is another amazing example of Tim Burton’s one of a kind style by Charlie being placed with all the disobedient children. Burton’s strange and unusual past helps create the spontaneous movies he makes today. On another note, Mr. Burton produced Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a time tested American classic. A Young boy Charlie Bucket was the outcast of the selected mass of people.

Due to the fact he was the only normal child in the group chosen to enter the magic chocolate factory. When showing the children and where they originated from, the utilized lighting was high key, making the scene flooded with light and seemingly more cheerful. But when showing Charlie’s residence, the lighting that was used was a lower key. This made his family’s house seem not as joyous or high quality. You could also tell a difference in the condition of the family’s house by the diegetic sound. When showing the other children's houses and towns, the diegetic music was more jolly and happy.

Edward Scissorhands is without a doubt one of Tim Burton’s most legendary movies. Having scissors for hands makes Edward unique and different from every other character in this film. The cinematic techniques help show just how unique the mansion where he originated from and how the normal suburban town he goes to is different. The lighting in the two separate settings is the polar opposite. While inside the mansion, the light setting is lower-key making the scenes incredibly mysterious. When filming in the town, the lighting is high key.

Tim does this for the sole purpose of him wanting to show the differences between the environments Edward lives in. The sounds in the scenes are also unlike. In the mansion, terrifying and suspenseful non-diegetic music is audibly playing. The non-diegetic music playing in the town is incredibly calming and peaceful. When viewing Edward Scissorhands, you understand immediately that Tim Burton produced it since Edward being placed in a town he does not belong, and the unique twists Tim throws into the movie.

As you can see, Mr. Tim Burton can create an incredibly vast and diverse amount of stylistic techniques from all of his movies. ALL things considered, Tim Burton is a unique director and no other can produce a film similar to him. He is best known for putting an individual character into a setting he/she is unfamiliar with. Using specialized cinematic techniques Mr. Burton distinguishes an original style unlike anyone else’s. Classics such as Alice in Wonderland The Corpse Bride Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Edward Scissorhands are all great examples of Tim Burton’s amazing skills and methods for creating outstanding movies. Like his use of camera angles, and sound were only a few of the techniques Tim Burton uses to create his movies into his own.

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